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BCBG Sept 2015

September 13, 2015

New York Fashion week is upon us again and I cannot express how excited I am for this new season. Last February was my first experience working the shows for Autumn/ Winter 2015 and I was really impressed. I am an Irish girl through and through and really loved every moment of last season, witnessing numerous designers create and display multiple fashionable garments, to help inspire me for this coming winter. This will be my fourth season working behind the scenes at the shows but this is a first for all us fashion-crazed people in the city, as the tents are no more. Having worked the very first Men’s Fashion week in twenty years back in August, I had my concerns for the September shows. As we all know fashionable late has it’s risks and can turn excitement into empty seats if you are waiting on several models you really don’t have a show.

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Last season two designers stood out for me for originality and pure glamour, of course, BCBG was one of them in fact probably my favorite show. I was beyond excited to start of the week this time with BCBG but also curious to see what Lubov had created for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. As mentioned BCBG was the opening show for fashion week this season, with a new venue there was great excitement behind the runway to create the perfect opening for a new Fashion Week and of course BCBG succeeded and nailed it. This is a collection, I feel really suited for those that love to be elegant and sexy but who will also dare to take risks, so there could not have been a better fit for an opening show. Last season BCBG held one of its best shows to date, inspired by a recent trip to Barcelona, Lubov created a collection that reflected her heritage with a beautiful ornate and lavish Baltic influence. For this season she embraced her inner “Cali girl” and I could not have been more delighted to show you ladies this amazing collection. Her collection has a hippie-boho vibe and a big focus using vibrant tie dyes but what I personally loved is how Lubov styled this tricky trend by layering it with beautiful sheer print dresses. If you love to be bold and vibrant this collection has achieved it all in one, the variety of materials, textures and colours really are to die for. I personally loved two hooded jackets that were a mix of tribal and hippy. You could really wear this with anything and in my opinion would be perfect on the beach or rocked with a killer pair of skinny jeans. Your choice!!!! Stripes and prints were a key element to pulling this entire collection off. By doing this, it separated vibrant patterns but also created a perfect uniform look. My absolute favorite was a beautiful shimmering gold jacket, it completely stole the show for me. The pattern used has decorative lines with a variety of golden shades that pick up every glint of light it passed. I was in love to say the least. So check it out and see for yourself.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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