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Marissa Webb Sept 2015

September 14, 2015


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Marissa Webb once again I feel has really nailed it. You may feel you don’t know or recognise her designs but I think it would be a good guess that you may have unknowingly worn some of them at some point. One of my favourite brands which I discovered after moving to New York was Jcrew, for many reasons I love them but particularly for their impressive range of accessories and costume jewellery. As Head of Accessories, to now Head of Women’s wear, Marissa has continued with her own collection, allowing women to create a style that is their own but which also is effortless and timeless. My favourite part of last season was the division Marissa had created, simply by using three base colours, which included pink, combat greens and blacks. Some may feel that a combination of the three could be confusing and out off place for one collection however using a variety of textures and tailoring, Marissa really has created something special. This was my second show working along side Lynne O’Neill’s production team and I was really curious to see if Marissa would do the same this season. To my surprise and delight, I found this year to be all the more exciting and truth be told she has completely blown last seasons collection out of the water. This was easily my favourite designer so far at New York Fashion Week, Marissa really has pushed herself and once again created a beautiful collection. With this year’s collection, I found it to be a lot more vibrant with added yellows and purples in the mix, I just wanted it all !!! Last season, Marissa created a beautiful dusted baby pink suit which was redesigned and recoloured, this made lovers of her designs very happy. Instead of pink however this time, she opted for a beautiful and unique pale purple which opened the show perfectly.

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There really is an indescribable excitement and buzz working behind the scene, catching every moment leading up to the big reveal. You can sense the excitement and nerves of the designers themselves with everyone waiting in anticipation. We are just there for a short moment, to observe months of hard work that can either be loved or rejected within minutes. It has to be an intense feeling for any designer, with some stressful moments especially making sure the show goes off smoothly. I hope if you haven’t heard of Marissa Webb before this, you will now take note of this incredible designer.

Stay Lawless,
Niamh X
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