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Vivienne Tam Sept 2015

September 17, 2015

Tam 2

Vivienne Tam’s collections and designs are in my opinion the blueprint for a West meets East style. Delicate and ornate pieces have helped to establish Ms. Tam in becoming an elite designer at New York Fashion Week. Lavish dresses are her trademark and these can be seen showcased in boutique windows up and down Fifth Avenue, from Saks to Bergdorf Goodman. Vivienne continues to design a collection enriched with ornate and delicate patterns inspired by her Chinese heritage. Some looks are carried through to the next season with a change in color and fit but mesh dresses are a concept you will find to be one of her favourite items to recreate. Beautifully stitched with vibrant and diverse patterns and a strong emphasis on detail, these dresses are elegant and effortlessly sexy. If you ever want to make a statement or stand out from the crowd, this collection is definitely one to seriously consider.


With this season, Vivienne was inspired by the increasing androgynous nature of fashion in the 20’s and today’s “street’ culture. It reflects a contemporary contextualization of art deco design elements, characterized by linear forms, dropped waists, stripes and angularities translated into relaxed shapes that are reminiscent of the teen surfer culture of the 70’s. Every collection embraces Vivienne’s heritage in some form however this years was visually a lot different. Using a variety of different materials from hand crafted embroideries, laser-cut appliques and crisp cottons created masculine shapes with feminine embellishments. This year Vivienne created a collection that was very diverse and could be worn by both sexes. Jumpsuits and bomber jackets made of power mesh made the collection for me. It was interesting to see how these were styled also as I would usually opt for a jean, seeing these bomber jackets layered over pattern dresses created a whole new demension to the overall look and jacket itself. I think you will find for yourself that this is a collection that will make you effortlessly stand out among the crowd for all the right reasons.

Stay Lawless,
Niamh X
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