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October 4, 2015

So last weekend was definitely a fun one for me and I am always one to rock a look more than once and just could not wait to give this particular one another go. For some, you may prefer to wear jeans and a top during a night out with the girls but depending on yourself if you have the confidence for it then rock it. New York is a place well known to celebrate every fashion craze. As a result, I feel each individual has the opportunity to make this city their own in a fashion sense. My first time wearing this outfit was while attending a show at NYFW and on both occasions it was a hit. When dressing for fashion week, it can be very easy to take the safe option and blend into the usual uniform of black dresses and cream blouses but personally I really hate this. Don’t get me wrong I am a lover of all black but this is your moment to go crazy and express you inner Carrie Bradshaw or perhaps your Lady GaGa, so do it whether you are going to a show or not. Who is going to question it??? It’s the week for fashion not camouflage. My new obsession which some may find less than girlie is to wear a mens shirt as a dress. I love it, besides being comfortable there is a trick to making this out of bed look sexy but of course appropriate to showcase outside other than a bedroom. I found this blue option while working in Boston. From a previous post I went on the look out for the best vintage boutiques, so check it out if Boston is your next destination in the coming year.


When I found this shirt, I knew the only way to rock it was to wear a statement shoe. And wow did I find a pair. I know its not something to encourage but I had already spotted these shoes but belonging to another designer. Lets just say it was around two months rent in New York, which to me is beyond crazy. The moment I saw them down in Soho, I immediately envisaged my blue shirt but of course being that price would knock anyone out of that day dream, so I developed a plan to recreate this shoe. Lol I know I am crazy and love to dress up and hate when you find something you love but its miles above your price point. Its heartbreaking, it really is. Now what does a shopaholic do in this situation ??? google google google. I can’t express enough how amazing the internet has become for online shopping. Ebay is one of my go to favourites but when I want to find a particular item that will be usually a copy of a designer, I go to my saving grace Aliexpress. In comparison to two months New York rent, I got these killer heels for 95dollars, I do not lie. You really could wear these shoes with anything. For me personally I wanted to wear a dress that flowed and was not in anyway figure hugging. For me it could easily cheapen the shoes and make them something they are not. For accessories, I wanted to wear my adorable blue fur bag from River Island to keep in theme with the blue shirt and the top part of the shoe. This is a look I know I will continue to re-wear and why not, its comfy and effortlessly sexy. So check it out ladies, Aliexpress you wont regret it. Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems in it. Photography by Kun An visit instagram @maxkunan to see more.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X




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