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Vintage Twin

November 8, 2015

There really is nothing better than vintage shopping but for me nothing really compares to vintage boutiques in New York. Although one may close every-so often there will always be a new boutique added into the mix. I am forever finding somewhere new to shop and have recently found a new favorite called ‘The Vintage Twin’. What’s different about this particular boutique is that not only is the selection of winter coats endless but their location is always on the move ! I’m sure you have heard of “pop up shops” before and if not this should be your first one to track down. Some may find this a little pointless but don’t worry you can also track down their latest collection just by visiting www.TheVintageTwin.com I personally love it, simply because in my opinion it’s one of the best hidden secrets with us vintage obsessed shopaholics. So check it out.  I recently treated myself to this beautiful dress shirt which is clearly a 80s classic. I love this era of fashion, women were bold with their wardrobe. I won’t lie, I have made some adjustments to this dress, as I feel some things are best left behind. Women at this time were becoming more confident in the workplace, using padding and larger sleeves to create a more masculine figure. Although I do like this look but for me it really does nothing for the outfit, so I just cut the shoulder pads off. For my pants, I purchased them from Aritzia, an online store for those of you that are not in America. They were expensive but worth every penny. If you are to invest in anything this winter, it really should be leather pants and these ones should be the top of your list www.Aritzia.com. My boots were also purchased last season from Steve Madden. Although they are no longer in stock, what I will say having owned several Steve Madden shoes is that they are always the most comfortable out of all my shoes. I think if you are looking for a brand that is fashionable for the winter months but also very importantly will not cripple your feet, a Steve Madden shoe is a great choice.Thank you again to Kirsten walker for her beautiful shots can not wait to work together again soon. Visit @kristenwphoto on instagram and twitter. 

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



Yesterday's vintage look from @thevintagetwin Photography by @kristenwphoto #lawless #dayoff #vintagefind #aritzapants #aritza #stevemadden #fashionblogger #fashionpost #blogpost #comingsoon #soho #newyorkfashion #vintagefashion #thevintagetwin #newfavorite #shopacholic #legpose #shoecandy #staylawless

Yesterday’s vintage look from @thevintagetwin Photography by @kristenwphoto #lawless #dayoff #vintagefind #aritzapants #aritza #stevemadden #fashionblogger #fashionpost #blogpost #comingsoon #soho #newyorkfashion #vintagefashion #thevintagetwin #newfavorite #shopacholic #legpose #shoecandy #staylawless

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