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Winter Wardrobe

November 25, 2015

To decide on one thing to get this Christmas for yourself as a little treat is a hard one to call but if that is the case then I feel it must be a stole. Whether you need it for an up and coming event or just love to wear something different, then a faux fur will be your new best friend. I personally love Topshops collection and every year they have something new. This one in particular was from last season but don’t worry Topshop is always on its game and I have already spotted one for myself. As you know, I personally love my leather jackets this time of year but a stole is the perfect addition to add color when needed. If you are not convinced by Topshops collection don’t worry. Check out Asos, this seasons collection in my opinion is its best yet. One in particular is a vibrant Jack Wills stole, this should really grab your attention. My leather pants are from Ariztiza, make sure to check this store out. I have already ordered this years latest leather pants but I do warn you ladies a waiting list is starting, so move fast!! Photography by Kirsten Walker. 


Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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