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Donny Brook

April 2, 2016

I am all for staying warm this time of year and not for running out to buy the newest dress just yet. Just because its so-called spring at the minute doesn’t mean our wardrobe has to be. There is something lovely about a winter coat, which makes it hard to let go off. Yes, of course its fun to plan our summer wardrobes but I just love layering my scarf over a heavy coat. I believe that this time of year is the perfect time for shopping. I have always found a bargain or two for the next winter season and I do advise you all to consider it. You really never know. Just before I left for Ireland for Christmas, I spoke about a particular Vintage designer and I am back to talk about him again. Donny Brook is quickly becoming the big name for my wardrobe. Well at least my winter one. I cannot describe enough how much I love these coats. Now I have to admit they are not for everyone, some are colorful and crazier than others but for me they are the perfect statement. I have on occasion lost this particular coat to some of my guy friends who try it on and decide in a second that they are a gangster or mobster not to be messed with. Yes, I have crazy friends but trust me, you will feel confident when you wear a Donny Brook coat. The only bad thing is you have to move fast and always keep an eye out either on eBay or Esty but in saying this, there is an amazing and wide range with real quirky styles, which I feel you will be totally obsessed with when shopping online. But lucky for you ladies I have found this coat along with some of my favorites for you to shop below.Make sure to click on the picture and it will link you directly to the site of sale. We all have favorites but winter coats are mine. Donny Brook coats can vary in price from $55 to $390, it all depends on the owner selling but be careful, you must be certain when buying vintage because returns are less than likely. Boots are another real New York statement that I just love to embrace in my daily routine. “Free People” are amazing for so many things but mainly summer bohemian dresses but to be honest, I never really looked at their shoe collection until recently. I discovered these insane boots while strolling through instagram and I have never looked back. I know there not for everyone but trust me they will turn heads for all the right reasons. Photography by Jessica Robinson visit her instagram @jesquar to see more of her amazing work.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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