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May 9, 2016

When we think of summer dresses, suede is usually far from our minds. If you ladies are like me and like to buy something that you can easily rotate between each season then I have found exactly what you need.

Summer is my favorite time of year to indulge in a new wardrobe, whether it be a pair of sunglasses, a cute maxi dress or just a new pair of sandals. When we think of summer shopping the typical white dress or red bikini comes to mind. For me I have found my new summer favorite and it is far from the typical laced maxi dress or floral pattern. When shopping for myself I try to be as smart as possible. It’s important to buy quality and not quantity.

In a previous post I spoke about BCBG and yes I am going to talk about this amazing designer once again because I LOVE IT. BCBG’s summer collection has a selection of dresses to choose from this summer but my favorite has to be this Abbott dress from this year’s summer collection – I’m sure you can see why. I know I will be wearing this well into the autumn months with a cute leather jacket or oversized coat. For now I have decided to style it with one of my favorite Irish designers Andrew Bell’s custom-made bag.

You may remember last summer when I wore beige and orange pants to fashion week. To say the photographers went GaGa is an understatement, I was not prepared for the attention I received but not surprised because, no matter what piece you wear from Andrew Bells collection you are guaranteed to turn heads, for all the right reasons of course. Since then Andrew has gone on to make this beautiful velvet clutch, which I have now nicknamed barney. Andrew Bell has once again proven he is a designer that seeks no boundaries and you can see this in every piece he makes. Whether he is experimenting with proportions, tailoring or uncommon fabrics, Andrew bells robust designs always maintain an air of elegance. He is one designer I would watch closely and in my opinion his is truly leading the way in Irish Fashion. Photography by Jessica Robinson

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X






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