SheIn Summer Favorites

June 28, 2016

As if this sale season could not get any better! Shein are offering 40% OFF when you spend over US $55+ use Code: KS40 and 45% OFF when you spend over US $105+ until 4th of July.

I am always looking out for a fashion fix and Shein collection never disappoints. The only problem is that it can add confusion and time to your day as there really is too much to choose from. I have picked out my favorites to make the search a little bit easier, but this doesn’t mean there’s not more to see and love. Other fashion brand sites will usually have a limited collection and update with new pieces on a weekly base. Shein update daily, YES DAILY, so if something has sold out one day, rest assured you will find it in your size the following day or even better you might find a top or dress you prefer to your original pick. For once I’m going to do less chit-chat and allow you ladies to see for yourself how amazing this Shein really is, but remember this promotion only last until the 4th of July.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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