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November 20, 2016


Leopard print is ruling the High street this Fall/Autumn season. Does it really ever go away I wonder? We have seen throughout the year’s designers such as Dolce & Gabbana who are infamous for using leopard print. D&G never get it wrong however it comes with a heavy price tag.But that does not mean this reoccurring trend is out of reach to us. Thank god, how unfair would that be?

Diamonds are not a girls best friend, the High street is. River Island, Zara, Topshop never let us down and this season is no different. Have you seen the River Island shoe collection!!! It’s a wish list, all in itself and I have no doubt there are plenty of you who feel the same way. I never see what’s wrong with being caught wearing the same footwear or clothing as another lady. We all rock it differently – no room for “who wore it best”, I hate that phrase.

Whether you love or hate it or just don’t see it in your own wardrobe, leotard print is here to stay. So of course I had to search for what I feel are the best pieces on online shopping. I believe Pixie Market has the best coat ever….but I have also discovered many others on this site, this is well worth checking out.

Styling a jazzy print, you can either dress down with a simple base color, black of course always works. Or you can embrace Gucci’s latest collection and trend of layering textures and fabrics which I also love. Mix and match can work if you know when to stop but simple was not on my mind this time, maybe for another day. As you may have discovered in recent weeks, velvet is hard to escape. It’s everywhere. I won’t lie but for some time I didn’t like this fabric. Simply because I felt it looked terrible on me. It is weird to say the fabric annoyed me (lol) however my fear of wearing velvet has completely changed thanks to Zara. Choosing a color to match this coat was an easy task when I spotted this polo top. I felt fushia was the perfect shade and also the velvet touch adds a little element of fun. For shoes, these satin embroidered beauties are going to be worn to death so a second pair will be needed just in case and for 75 euro it wont break the bank. If these shoes don’t prove my case in relation to River Island this season I don’t know what will. I hope you love my wardrobe look and if not, I hope I have found a piece that you might love. Photography by Ralph McKeon.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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