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St Stephens Day Sales

December 26, 2016


Hi Ladies,

So I have one question for you, who loves jumpsuits ? Because I have just found the perfect one which could possibly convince those who refuse to wear them. I can see your point, for those that aren’t too fond of them. Jumpsuits or Rompers which ever you decide to call them have one thing in common, they are not for the shy and body conscious. You really cannot hide any curve, lump or bump. I know I am really selling this but just hear me out. I feel what makes this jumpsuit different apart from its beautiful emerald green ruffle, is the fit of the pants which has a flared leg. At the moment I have been trying every way to either hide or compliment my ever growing thighs. Chocolate is a real killer but it’s a love hate relationship which I wont be giving up any time soon so I have to work with it. However no matter what size you are, I can assure you that you will feel at your best in this. The front of the jumpsuit is tailor made to be worn backless and if you are like me slightly chesty, then I would advise some body tape if you like to feel more secure, but it’s really not necessary. Why you may ask ? Well for me personally, I am always self conscious about going braless. It’s a fear most C cup ladies face when considering a sexy backless number. It is a problem we all face however one that Zara has eliminated in this instance with perfect tailoring which creates an elegant silhouette . The ruffles around the chest transform this 70s classic into a modern show stopper. You can’t help but want to add a little strut into your walk, trust me it works. For my assessories I purchased these amazing tasseled earrings for 9.99 euros in H&M. I know, I am not kidding, there are amazing. Another High street favourite which I feel you must keep a close eye one. So have I convinced you ladies?? Try it for yourself , you will never know until you try. Photography by Ralph McKeon

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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