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January 7, 2017


So its finally January, I still cannot believe 2016 is behind us, an interesting year to say the least. It wasn’t all bad, we can always rely on fashion to keep a smile on our faces. Retail Therapy was alive and well last year. Not to mention Gucci’s 2016 collection which still gives me goose bumps.

However it is a New Year and its time to move on. January is not a month I am to fond of. Why? Well Christmas decorations are gone and looking at your bank account is an emotionally time for all of us. Another reason is the confusion of what to wear.Depending on what climate you are living in January is usually a cold one. Except if your living in beautiful Australia, so jel if you are. Where ever you may be one thing remains the same and that is fashion. Designers and high street stores are beginning to swap out their winter collections and prepare us for warmer days.

Although we are still in winter, spring is only around the corner. So how do we embrace this colourful  month without getting a severe cold? Faux fur has always been greatly popular every winter and this season was no different. I recently purchased a fabulous pink faux fur coat from Jcrew. Honestly I don’t think I’ve taken it off since. My mum thinks I have too many coats and not enough time to wear them all but I think you can always make room for one more especially when it is this gorgeous. Many people have admired my new coat but consider the colour too bold and would find it hard to style it for themselves. I can see how a colour such as pink could be intimidating. So I’ve decided to show you ladies how simple it is to style with just a touch of black. Every lady’s expression and idea of style is different but its very rare that you wouldn’t find a black dress hidden in any wardrobe, male or female.  Would you agree? Black is a great colour base and some consider it the most faltering. When styling this look I would always wear a small heel. No matter what your height for me personally I find long or chunky coats can take an inch away. I always like to look tall but you can easily dress this coat with a flats and pair of jeans. No matter what you decided to dress your faux fur coat with just try not to embody a diva persona. Faux fur is just to glamorous right now its hard not too have a few moments. You are going to find this so weird but I nickname all my coats. I know I really need to get a life. I’ve called this coat Mariah, I’m sure you all know who Im talking about and I think she would approve.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year. Below you will find a selection of colourful faux fur coats that will keep you cheerful until summer really arrives. Whats even better is that some are on sale so I guess January isn’t so bad. Hope you love my picks and of course…

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


Photography by Ralph McKeon.



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