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January 14, 2017


Hi ladies,

So I have a question for you. What is your “Go to” place to shop for a wardrobe emergency? Is it a High street store or a beautiful quaint boutique around the corner. Whichever one you may prefer perhaps you might now reconsider. Everyone has their favorite and for many different reasons. For me whether it’s pulling looks for a shoot or just for myself personally, “Sybil” is always my first stop. Located on Blackrock’s picturesque seafront it’s really hard to miss their eye catching window display.

Sister’s first and owners second, Aine & Marie have put their heart and soul into making Sybil the success it is today and it shows. Having won numerous awards for their tasteful selection of exclusive designers and great customer service, it is a boutique I urge everyone to consider. Some of you may remember my blue dress which I wore at Galway Races or perhaps my red dress which I seem to never stop wearing. Both of which I bought from Sybil and two of my absolute favourite dresses in my wardrobe.


There are many designers to consider but not all are formal. Eyedoll is another designer exclusive to Sybil and depending on your style, you really can bring this collection from day to night, a phrase many stylists use but trust me you can. I purchased this heavily embellished Eyedoll coat for last New Years Eve celebrations. I feel you can wear this coat in many different ways, perhaps with long black pants or a sheer dress underneath. For myself, I wanted to make this coat look like a dress. To do this, I kept the color scheme simple, black of course. My ruffled sheer sleeve is actually a beautiful bodysuit from Zara’s collection last season, but do not stress, there are many blouses out there that are rocking a cool sleeve. Underneath my coat is a simple black dress. What’s important about this look, I feel is the length. If the coat was in any way a little shorter I would have opted for pants. No one wants to see your booty even if it’s a cute one. Also if you are trying to make a coat look like a dress, you must have the skirt or dress underneath the same length as the coat. If the skirt or dress is longer only by an inch you have missed the mark, literally. My “60’s vibe” boots are from River Island who robbed my bank account with last seasons shoe collection but I have forgiven them now lol. If embellishments are not your thing, do not worry, Eyedoll have killer pants that will elongate the shortest legs. Perhaps you would prefer a new blouse or dress. What ever you decided to to purchase  Sybil will become your new favourite for every occasion. ( After Sybil, Main Street, Blackrock, Co.Louth)

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


Photography Ralph McKeon.

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