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Spring Knitwear 2017

January 21, 2017


So it is that time of year again, the juggling act of layering up and cooling down. No surprise that everyone has a cold right now. Sweaters and cardigans never held much interest for me. I am always buying winter coats, I feel they are just the best thing to have in your wardrobe especially when you live in Ireland. I will wear them all the time, well that’s my excuse to friend’s and family.

For me, sweaters were normally dull and frumpy, even if you found one you loved, it would soon lose shape or just look like a ball of fuzz. When I was a teenager you would never see me wearing one, but now older and hopefully a little wiser I have found a new appreciation for them. Its no hidden secret that fashion seasons are no longer restricted to a uniform colour. That colour timetable is thankfully gone. We can now enjoy spring with a real touch of colour. With the addition of fitted pants and vibrant sweater you now have a new spring favourite of mine and many other ladies. I have picked a selection of sweaters which I feel will be perfect just about any time of year. Whether you decide to style it with a skirt, jean or pants, you really can make this comfy favorite as fashionable or as casual as you wish. I hope you love my favorite picks.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

Photography by Ralph McKeon


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