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River Island S/S 2017

February 4, 2017


The perks of being a stylist are endless, besides having the excuse of continuously buying for our so called kit, you are your own boss. What’s not to love about that ? Creative directing and styling has always been my dream job and although I am new to the fashion and film business, just four years to be exact. It’s a weird but wonderful feeling to wake up knowing I’m doing what I love. To be a good stylist you have to stay ahead of the game and always educate yourself, whether it is the latest designer, model or photographer but let me get to my point. One part of my job is to attend Press days and my latest one was for River Island 2017 S/S (Spring/Summer) Collection. I know poor me; I had to scroll through endless rails of summer dresses, floral skirts, and beach cover ups, which have yet to be launched in stores. I think you can sense my sarcasm.

Personally I don’t remember a time where I have never walked out of a River Island store and had not lusted over a piece of jewellery or clothing. When I was a teenager it was all about the River island bag. I still remember the very first one I purchased. It was pink with a thick sporty strap and the heavily embellished key chain. Every girl had it.

Not much has changed because for this spring, it’s all about pink, pink and more pink. Styled with a little stripped blouse and embroidered jean, I believe River Island have nailed it this season. It’s so funny this time of year, we are still in hibernation mode and the sheer mention of a bikini puts all us ladies into a complete panic, well for me it does. However when buying beach wear,  RI is always my first choice and this season is no different, it’s the best motivation we could ask for the fast approaching summer season.

Kimonos are normally my preferred piece to buy from RI and although they have a fabulous selection I feel completely in love with a particular bikini seen above. Gingman is everywhere this season and why not its beautiful. Whatever you decide to buy this summer its reassuring to know we will be the best dressed on holidays thanks to River Island.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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