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February 27, 2017


I have been back in New York for over three weeks now and really love every minute, just catching up with friends and enjoying the city. I missed it so much. It really has been non stop since I arrived back but nothing really changes in this city, other than the fashion of course and a few new skyscapers here and there !! So my latest wardrobe post has to be from my two favourite brands in New York, which are  BCBG and Aritizia. Both designer stores were my absolute favourite places to shop while living here and Club Monaco but that is for another day. However at the moment, BCBG is closing many of its stores around the city, which for me is quite sad, as not only did I work with the designers on previous fashion weeks but primarily because I believe it is such a good brand. The quality of fabrics and designs which BCBG collections are renowned for will be missed, in fact in my opinion they captured the best the industry has to offer. Although this is very unfortunate for the design & production teams, it does mean that we ladies are being treated to some major discounts, as they are still selling online. I think it is accepted by now, that pink is the leading colour of the Spring Summer season 2017 however it does not mean it is the only colour deemed trendy. White will always be present in every season so with that being said, I picked out my favourites and even took some pictures . One main reason why women tend to stay away from all white, is some believe it can be unflattering and can make you look bigger than you really are. I personally don’t believe this. No matter what colour you decide to wear, as long as it is tailored with good quality fabric its hard to look bad. You can match white with any colour but for me grey is the best combo and I found this beautifu blouse in the Aritiza sale. I have spoken about Aritizia before but mainly about their leather pants. This store is also ideal for good summer basics and a statement blouse. I hope you love this look and perhaps try it yourself and of course.Photography by Annis Kamara (Instagram :a.kamera_)

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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