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Hello Yellow

April 16, 2017


2017 got off to a really great start. For me visiting New York was a huge highlight, getting back to see all my friends and family. I have been looking forward to showing off these pictures and hopefully inspiring a new colour combo for the Spring summer season. It is quite obvious I wear boots with pretty much everything, so this wardrobe post is no different. Wherever I go, what ever the season, boots will be packed. For this wardrobe post its all about Zara and why not, for me it is amazing. There really is nothing more frustrating than seeing a designer garment which is out of reach price-wise but thanks to Zara’s cunning ways and accessible designs we can now dress just as well if not better than the A-listers.

Besides Lilac yellow is a colour you will see reoccurring a lot this summer. For me personally, I love a colourful dress but especially when it has a sleeve. A perfect solution to a day were you want to be covered up but still have a summer vibe. Its all about the dramatic sleeve this year and I am absolutely looooving it ! For accessories, I also purchased my hairband from Zara which was a saver for this occasion, as the wind was not on my side. I foolishly thought when I chopped my hair this would be a problem of the past but sadly not. “60’s” fashion was the decade that truly embraced hair accessories and I am so happy to see it now return. Hopefully I will be detached from my boots this summer at some stage but knowing  my love affair with them probably not. No matter what the shoe style whether it is a heel, flat or boot there are three rules to remember 1. “Be Vibrant” and hide the black dress, we don’t need to see it this summer 2. “Be Bold”, hair accessories do not have an age limit and you will feel more glamorous for it  3. This rule is your own to make because a shoe choice says a lot about a person, so make a statement that is true to you and of course,

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


Photography by Mboya Jeffers




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