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April 1, 2015

So the 70s are becoming a huge trend recently, which I’m extremely excited about. 70s fashion from mini skirts to the infamous jumpsuit made it one of the most iconic and influential decades in fashion. Although bell bottoms were poplar at this time I personally cannot see myself wearing them. When certain fashion eras come back into play its important to embrace them but also be true to your own personal style. It’s not fashionable or attractive to see someone wear an outfit that is clearly not their own. Another favorite of mine from this era is the plunging neckline but for now considering the weather I think its best to wait a while before I try lighter options. Turbans have always been an accessory that I’ve admired but from a distance. It’s only recently that I’ve pushed myself away from my comfort zone. Last Sunday in the midst of New Yorks freezing cooled I felt that my green turban was the perfect option to make my practical outfit a little bit more vibrant but still on trend.

Two years back when on a college trip to Lisbon I came across this amazing hat boutique with a selection of every hat you could image. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name but accessories like this have become more accessible then ever before. Asos is always my first stop to find a fashionable trend but if all else fails Google turbans and you will be amazed to find several links to other clothing sites. My cloak is from New York store ‘Line Accessories’ which I modeled on a previous ‘Snow in Spring’ post.

I have an obsession with accessories and experimenting with my clothes. Sometimes using a light shawl as a scarf or adding a broach to a shoe. I love embellishments and I think experimenting with accessories can look amazing if done correctly. Vintage stores are always the best to get inspired to recreate or revamp your wardrobe. This time around I wanted to experiment with my turban and make it just a little more lavish and glamorous. To do this I took an old hair band I had from River Island. Based in the UK and Ireland River Island is amazing store that I hope will land state side in the near future. River Island always has a great range of hair accessories and costume jewelry. When looking for fashionable clothing range, which is always ahead with the latest trends River Island is my go to shop. Fashionable and reasonably priced you are always one step ahead with this store. I hope I’ve inspired one of you ladies to experiment more with your accessories. Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems behind it.


Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


Photography by Joshua Dorfman Visit: www.Bleurosephotography.com or instagram @bleurosephotog


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