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May 21, 2017

There is a secret Irish rule which believes you should only wear sunglasses in the summer. I completely disagree with this view and I feel I am not alone. There are called sun-glasses not summer-glasses lol. Enough with this silly rule please. As long as the sun is in the sky I will be wearing a pair and besides, come night time you can wear them as a hair band. Accessorising accessories is something that I always love to do. For me there are many benefits to owning a fabulous pair of sunnies. When your having a bad day and maybe didn’t get a chance to apply your eye liner (something I continuously do) or even just creeping on a cute guy, sunglasses are a perfect disguise. Like shoes you can tell a lot about a persons personality by their style of eye wear. Luckily I own several pairs of sunglasses, one in particular I have owned for eight years. However if you are slightly careless or in any way clumsy I really can’t help you with that ! I have picked out a selection of styles which I love and can be worn for every occasion. From classic 70s frames to my favourite aviator sunglasses. There is an option for every mood or style you want to portray. You can afford to be picky with my favourite finds but don’t be alarmed, there are one or two over the 60 euro mark. I just wonder if you can spot the more expense option because they all look amazing.

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