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June 7, 2015

I’m officially 24 and I honestly feel so old. Last week was completely crazy jumping from one production to the next, so it didn’t leave me much time to celebrate until now. I have received a lot of new birthday presents that you ladies will love. However being that I am a Gemini, I thought my new River Island stole and bag would be the perfect fit for my birthday celebrations. I spotted this stole a month ago and already worked out what I would wear with it. Although I thought I would be saving it for winter, New York was pretty cold this past few days so it was exactly what I needed to stay cosy. Living in this city has changed my sense of style, I have become a lot more vibrant with my wardrobe. I love adding a bit of pink into the mix, were before this,  I was in a love affair with all black but of course I am a Gemini, so maybe I’m just working on my other personality lol. Who knows!!! I think its possible to be home sick for retail, if it is the case, I will always be home sick for River Island. If you haven’t discovered it yet ladies you are missing out.

Wearing a variety of colours can be a bit intimidating and challenging to match up into a complete outfit. However it was pretty easy with this stole, as I did what you should always do when in this predicament, is look for what is lacking. For me, I saw continuous lines of black and white and I knew this Sheinside dress would be the perfect fit to carry the overall look off. Sheinside I feel is an amazing American brand and collection, with a wide range of summer accessories for the season. There’s always a sale and lucky for me this dress was actually $17, which is an absolute bargain, as some stores are only begining to stock similar dresses now.  Being that it was a wet and miserable week here in NYC, I thought not only were my Kurt Geiger’s a practical option but also added a little shimmer when needed. If you haven’t seen my previous post “The Flat Stiletto” make sure to check it out to out find similar versions of this high top trainer, they really are perfect for touring a big city. To finish of the outfit, I decided to complement the stole by opting for a furry bag, instead of a plain leather bag. I think this bag was the perfect fit and I absolutely love River Island’s summer collection. If this colour is not for you don’t worry there is a variety of colours from Pink to pale green so make sure to visit www.riverisland.com before they are all gone.

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Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

Photography: Jessica Robinson/ Follow: @jesquar

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