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Nikki Poulos 2015 Fall Collection

June 12, 2015


Working New York Fashion Week, you get to meet a lot of designers and view a wide range of collections where you will find one or two favorites and the rest can be really hit and miss. However that was not the case when meeting Australia’s elite designer and NBC’s Fashion star Nikki Poulos. Nikki is famous for her bold prints and so I was extremely excited to meet her in person and see first hand the creative genius behind Nikki by Nikki designs.


I feel collections say a lot about a designer and Nikki states “I design my collection for me because, if I don’t love it, why would I expect someone else to wear it? ” This is a quality a lot of designers lack, most continue to experiment with their designs and try to keep up with and follow trends. However Nikki stays true to her own creative vision, which is never altered or fabricated to fit in with the latest must have and her confidence shows, as each collection continues to grow and go from strength to strength. Like myself, Nikki is a lover of vintage, which is reflected throughout every collection she does. Taking advantage of New York’s vintage markets is something Nikki loves to do, for inspiration she will occasionally buy vintage jewellery. Last summer with HSN, Nikki did a jewelry collection with a few sunglasses in the mix, “I love heavy gold”, so for that particular season, Nikki did a range of statement necklaces with delicate beading and tassels. With her few favorite shopping locations kept under raps, I’ve no doubt they are amazing and will continue to inspire a diverse and exciting collection.


Nikki’s Fall 2015 Collection “Boho Baby” is retro with a vintage twist and is heavily inspired by the 70s. I personally feel it is her best yet, with a touch of city chic and sassy prints, it is very easy to see why she is at the top of her game. Nikki has a very clear design, which is aesthetically pleasing and has a growing fan base “I want women to wear my collection and be able to incorporate their own personal touch. I want to be the designer who gives women that great foundation piece, which can be easily accessorised or played down to suit who wears it.”


Being that its her first Fall collection with furs and sweaters, Nikki wanted to create a warm and cozy feel but still maintain tailoring which is flattering to every shape. I believe she has nailed it! You will find these in a selection of strong key colours for the up coming fall season, from cream, mulberry, to my personal favorite a blueberry sweater.  Ideal for a cold night in the summer, this sweater is very versatile. Another thing I love about Nikki and her collection, is that each piece is unique or individualised there is no uniform or continuously used fabrics, each piece is named after women who have inspired her. Ordinarily starting off with icons, Nikki now uses both iconic women but also women in her everyday life “When I meet someone who inspires me, I like to name it after that person and create a dress or jumpsuit that complements and suits their personality, in the way I see it ” My absolute favorite is the monoligan fur, which is very “boho” and could in my opinion be perfectly matched with the deep black burnt velvet jumpsuit. Nikki has a selection of burnt out velvets but yet again she has used different colours and patterns.


One particular piece I found in this collection which I feel should be in every ladies closet is a shawl, the simple reason is, it’s the perfect fit for any season, you can wear it on the beach in summer, as a shawl in spring or fall and rock it with a leather jacket using it as a scarf in the winter. How perfect is that?  Nikki has two colour options of this burnt out velvet shawl. The first is a rich fabric with burgundy, gold and silver, and the other shawl is a mixture of deep vibrant blues.


Adored by all age groups and sizes, Nikki feels its important to make clothing that is accessible, versatile and wearable, for a wide variety of women, with different shapes and sizes. Choosing very carefully her selection of fabrics, this allows Nikki to create a dress that complements both a curvaceous and slender shapes. Using a jersey material allows each piece to do exactly that however with Nikki’s signature touch there is always tailoring in mind. I know you ladies will love this year’s collection thank you to Nikki and Beck Public Relations for inviting me along. So remember ladies this fall visit to not miss out.Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems behind it.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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