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After Sybil

June 11, 2016

In recent years I have seen my style change drastically and at times find myself cringing looking back at pictures from outfits I wore back in my teens. Let’s be honest I am not the only one guilty of thinking belts were as a good as a dress. It wasn’t our fault our parents didn’t really understand the new teen craze of mini skirts with fluffy boots, well in my hometown anyway. Ohhhh…. how I cringe now at the thought that I left the house wearing this. In my defence and for many like me, it is just part of growing up that every teen goes through. What hasn’t changed since then is our desire to wear something that grabs your attention and stops traffic but hopefully this time around for all the right reasons !!! With added curves and years (lol) and some time on our hands there are no excuses to repeat mistakes.

For me I really love vintage body con dresses, I find them sophisticated and effortlessly sexy. I purchased this beautiful dress from a local vintage boutique in Blackrock Co Louth called “After Sybil”. Since being away from home I have always kept my eye on this boutique having noticed countless friends post beautiful vintage dresses and coats for every occasions which have been purchased there. Envious was not the word, I could not wait to visit and see for myself what After Sybil boutique had to offer. In my findings, I found everything you could ever possibly need or want from ornate brooches, delicate beaded bags to a fabulous collection of hats. It truly is hard to walk into this boutique and walk out without purchasing something. I purchased this beautiful red dress just over a month ago for a family occasion and have never been more in love with a dress. The fabric and color made me feel so elegant. What I love most about this dress is the tailoring and fit. A dress can look beautiful on a hanger but if it does not emphasis or compliment your figure, it can be a real let down. If anything, every dress I tried on did the complete opposite which just confirmed, not only is there great style to be found in After Sybil but also great quality. I never knew a dress could make me feel so beautiful and sexy, all at the same time and I am confident that this time I wont be looking back at these pictures and cringing. To see for yourself visit www.aftersybil.com and also their Facebook page After Sybil. Photography by Ralph McKeon (www.ralphmckeonphotography.com)

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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