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Pretty in Black

November 2, 2015

As you know, “all black” can be a favourite with most of us ladies. It’s an easy option that we can always go back to whatever the season. It really is hard to make a mistake with an all black ensemble, one of the main reasons to love it I feel is, it can be matched easily with any other color and complement our most dreaded body features. One thing which is essential in making a black ensemble perfect in my opinion is a leather jacket. I got this biker leather vest for a steal in Topshop last weekend for just 90 dollars. This style of leather jacket has become really popular in the last few seasons and I really love them. I would move fast with this jacket, as they were only displayed last week and have already sold out quickly in New York stores, so online would be your best shot at this point. 


Although the weather might be cooling down that doesn’t mean skirts are a “no go”. Tights are always a fun option for this time of year and can add an extra bit of glam to your outfit. Below the knee midi skirts are always my favourite to wear, not only are they comfortable, they are also elegant and versatile. Every lady really should own a midi skirt, one which she can carry through to the following season. Ali express has become my new online obsession but what I will say is, there can be times were sizes can be a bit “hit and miss”, so if ordering or looking for something really special, give yourself enough time to replace it. I bought my skirt for 13 dollars, so you can see why my love for this online store continues to grow. From one of my previous posts, I spoke about Mary Francis who is becoming one of my favourite accessory designers. Fun, quirky and embellished, you will definitely turn heads with a Mary Francis bag. Photography by Jessica Robinson

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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