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July 1, 2015


Boys listen up, I know mother’s day has passed but if you are still looking to have a special day for that important lady in your life, whether it be your mom or your girlfriend, I’ve found the best solution to your problem. The best part of my job is that we usually if not always are on location finding every possible and hidden gem that New York and the surrounding boroughs have to offer. One day while working on the set of Blue Bloods I found the perfect dating spot in the heart of Williamsburg. A hint to all you gentlemen who think they have won us ladies over — think again. Berlyn65, B65 for short, is an amazing boutique on Bedford Avenue and only a five minute walk from the Williamsburg bridge. Here you will find a collection of luxurious Turkish towels with a diverse collection of colors and patterns. These Turkish towels are the perfect fit for the beach or summer vacation. Towels like these are a great addition to any home as you really can use them for anything, and would fit nicely at the side of an armrest to brighten up any room. The ideal gift for those who love to snuggle up in comfort but also still be fashionable lazy. You will definitely find a treasured gift here, if not with their towels, but perhaps with their amazing range of soaps and oils. One which caught my eye was their Possum Hollow farm soaps. An amazing natural soap crafted from vegetable oils, cow’s milk, amazing blends of essential oils, organic herbs, flowers, and colorful natural clays.

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Being that I have eczema and poor skin, I appreciate products specifically designed to attend to specific skincare needs and conditions. Besides being amazing for your skin, Possum Hollow farm soaps packaging are vibrant with a classic touch of 60’s vibe. The perfect décor to make any bathroom look trendy. Don’t forget to also check out their growing selection of serums. Serums are the perfect solution for dark circles and discolored skin on the face. B65 has the most amazing range called Woods which are crafted to mend every imperfection. What I love about this boutique is that it’s so quant but yet has this amazing aura where for a moment you feel like you are on some beautiful tropical resort. The décor of this boutique is amazing and easily one of my favorites that I’ve seen so far in New York. The entrance into the store is through a beautiful restaurant so it is the perfect setting to treat either yourself or that special someone. If planning a date early in the day to treat someone or perhaps brunch with your girlies B65 is the perfect spot to hit every shopaholic needs and wants. Not forgetting B65 amazing collection of jewelry designers from my favorite Miranda Hope to Lab and much more there is to much to choose from. Miranda hope however has to be my favorite with embellished gemstones and pyrite beading there really is no other collection or designer who creates like Ms.Hope. So ladies if you are like me and love to be lawless with your style or perhaps treat that special someone Berlyn65 has it all so don’t deprive yourself!!! Check it out for yourself.

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Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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