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Brianna Romper

April 22, 2016

In the past year, I have been holding back on my impulse buys. In recent weeks, I found myself having to throw out so many tops, jackets and pants that were once my prized possessions. I hate it, especially when it can be worn with everything. This attachment is hard to let go of, which most of you I am sure can relate to. However, there is only so many times you can wear a top or skirt which was mass produced. Don’t get me wrong, I love my €20 bargains but I do believe in the long run you are better off saving and buying quality instead of quantity. Alice and Olivia’s summer collection is always promising and you are guaranteed to get what you paid for. Some may think it is overpriced but truthfully I have purchased several of their items and feel they look no different from the day I first purchased them. For me Alice and Olivia this season has a summer collection ahead of the competition but BCBG most definitely takes the award for always delivering quality & style no matter what the season. For me they are always a sure bet.

Now this is my summer favorite designer purchase but for my yearly love, it still has to be BCBG. I have been very fortunate to work with the BCBG team alongside the sweetest couple I know, Max Azria and Lubov. So I have witnessed for myself, the passion, dedication and love they put into each piece but even better for me now, I can prepare myself for what I want for the following season. Not many can say that. I purchased this BCBG caped romper a year ago and it honestly goes with everything. What I will say is if you are purchasing anything from the BCBG collection, make sure you know your size. BCBG make no mistakes, so make sure you don’t. Each garment is tailored to perfection.

For my hat, it is also BCBG. Hats are funny, well for me I have experienced difficulty in finding the right fit. Fedora or floppy hats have been very popular in the past two years and it seems the popularity is not dying down. Many hats I have found were too small and were not as dramatic as I would have hoped for when I put them on. The minute I found this hat, I just couldn’t walk away from it. I have picked out a selection of my favorite hats perfect for the summer months, to keep the sun out of your eyes while also looking fabulous. But also I have found my romper that was once sold out and now at sale price. If you are looking for an investment piece I have found both. What’s better is that they are now on sale, it’s a bargain not to miss out on. (Photography by Jessica Robinson)

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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