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Concept Korea

February 15, 2015

Friday I got to work on yet another amazing show. Before the show I had never heard of Concept Korea. After seeing the show and the collection, I feel I’ve been in a daze being that it’s my third season and it’s never caught my eye. It’s a very intriguing collection for one simple reason as there is no founder of this collection or head designer. Concept Korea is actually a group of talented Korean fashion designers that represent Korean fashion in the States. How amazing is that? Honestly we are missing out on something my heart was racing when I seen some of the pieces. It was definitely a ‘confession of a shopaholic’ moment. I just wanted to take the rail and run.

This year there was three collections from Taeyong Ko who’s collection was called ‘Beyond Closet.’ Taeyong’s concept for this year’s fashion week was clearly inspired by the 70s. Beyond Closet could not have been better suited to depict this collection. It would be hard to imagine many guys running down the street with peace logos on their sleeves but there were also options for the shyer character. Taeyong clearly made this collection for a man who has an edge and loves to experiment with his looks. Personally I loved this collection it was quirky and very different. Seunghee Lee was the designer for the second collection that hit the runway called ‘LEYII’. Lee’s collection was the complete opposite to Taeyong’s look. Standing back and seeing the three collections beside one another you really got a sense of the person from there work. LEYII was completly polished in comparison to the others. Lee had a basic color scheme and only used creams, greys and beiges contrasted with a vibrant purple. Tailoring was a big factor but also Lee used the small selection of colors to create elegant figures. Last but far from least was Juyoung Lee the genius and designer behind ‘Resurrection’. There is no other way to describe this collection other than incredible. Personally I love the fabric she used with her collection, hope you guys love it as much as I do.

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