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February 18, 2017

So I am finally back in New York and although its only for a holiday this time, I really could not miss the opportunity to see a few fashion shows. It was all about mens fashion this season and I am so delight to see this change in the industry. Not only is it better for male models but it also gives designers a new platform to possibly explore. Dim Man was my first show to attend and ohhhhhh my god, was I speechless. Designed by the legendary Steve Aoki, you know the Dj who has us all dancing to Louis Thompson’s recent single ‘Hold On.” It is a known fact that Steve is an entertainer and his fashion show was no different. Instead of a runway, Steve opted to build two skate board ramps filled with Americas hottest skate boarders. My twelve year old self was honestly in heaven. I was the girl who thought she was `Aril Lavern. I couldn’t play a guitar and didn’t even try to learn, failed miserably wearing a lose school tie and continue to cringe at pictures of my spiky hair styles. Although I failed at all of this, at least this time, I got to see some very cute skater boys rock it out. It was an absolutely stunning show, which I think everyone watching wanted to take part in but knew we would probably lose a limb in the process. Leaving it to the pro’s this time was a very good call. Being active has never looked so fashionable but Steve took this trend to a whole new level. The collection consisted of fun graphic prints. Not my style personally but there were one or two pieces that I would definitely wear but style differently with a skirt and not baggy shorts. Its not my normal show that I attend at fashion week but honestly out of them all, this was the most fun and creative. I love it and hope you do to and of course…

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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