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‘Miss Ireland Rocks’ Dublin Fashion Festival

October 3, 2016

The last few weeks have been non-stop for me so I could not be more excited for this weekend…just to relax. In the last two weeks I have been fortunate enough to style two photo shoots, a fashion show for Dublin Fashion Festival and also sash this years Miss Ireland. I know, a lot in under 14 days.

I wanted to show all you ladies some pictures that were missing from either my instagram account or were not seen on UTV Ireland, at the ‘Miss Ireland Rocks’ show. It was a demanding show to style, with this year’s Miss Ireland finalists, thirty girls to be exact. All of whom had four wardrobe changes from numerous Dublin High street stores and boutiques. This was my very first year attending Dublin Fashion Festival, so I was delighted to get the opportunity to style this show and bring my New York knowledge and experience back home.

Dublin retail has always had a lot to offer, living abroad you don’t really appreciate everything we have at our disposal in this relatively small but fashionable city. My college days were spent mostly roaming Henry Street and Grafton Street pulling together looks for nights out. Although it’s only been two years since I left Dublin, I have seen a huge change in that time. Temple bar was renowned as a tourist trap with the occasional vintage store. Nowadays we have our very own second hand designer boutique called “Siopaelle”.

I know there are some people who would be more comfortable spending 200 euros in Penny’s, instead of purchasing one item in a designer boutique. In my opinion, there is a need for both but what is better now is the Dublin fashion scene is not restricted and appeals to every woman no matter what their budget may be. For me spending 70 euro on a tank top is completely lavish and an unnecessary expense. It will be dressed under a jacket or scarf etc but also I feel there is nothing really special about a simple tank top. However spending over 100 euro for a pair of Alexander McQueen pants or an IRO jacket, I can see the logic in this. There are designer pieces that will be a regular feature in your wardrobe which you can rotate for years on end. Designers such as McQueen respect tailoring, are very particular in the quality of the fabrics used, so you know what your buying.

Opening the Miss Ireland Rocks show was the Debenhams Winter collection of faux fur winter coats, ‘60s’ harlequin patterned dresses, blouses to flared pants. I will be honest Debenhams was usually a place I would go to shop for make up. I never considered looking beyond the perfume aisle. So I am glad I finally did, styling this show it was important for me to get the best representation of current Dublin Fashion. The Debenham’s collection ticked every box for style and variety and is not confined to suit one age group. Designers such as Henry Holland along with John Rocha makes Debenhams a store for every lady regardless of their sense of style which is hard to achieve under one roof. However Debenhams is not the only one to consider. I could go on forever about each and every collection that took part in the show but I am not sure my words will do justice to what each boutique and store has to offer. With that I will quickly name my top picks from the Miss Rocks show. First has to be Bow and Pearl boutique based in Ranelagh. They have many designer pieces in store however they have the “Selected” range which is a favorite brand of mine for its price and quality. Second is Siopaella in Temple Bar, which I mentioned above. Oasis which has an incredible variety of sophisticated office wear, blazers which can by styled into evening attire very simply. Angel Boutique, So Amazing and Cherrie Bum evening wear were the perfect ending to the show. I just wish I had a special occasion or could re do my debs just to wear one of their many glamorous gowns. Photography by Damian Photos.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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