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Fashion Farm Foundation Sept 2015

September 18, 2015

“Fashion Farm Foundation” was a complete mystery to me, as I had never heard of it and for me it really was the perfect ending to a perfect fashion week, as there was an excitement and anticipation not really knowing what to expect. Following the creative work of four young Hong Kong designers, it was inevitable that this show would be at the very least interesting. Having worked last season with “Concept Korea” a collaboration of three designers from Korea, it is just amazing to see how three designers, could creatively pull three completely different collections into one show. It was a very intriguing show for one simple reason, there is no leader or head designer behind it so you are continuously left in your seat with the element of surprise, as really anything could come next.

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With most designers, they tend to stick to the same confinements for each show where it can be a repetitive pattern or color and in ways creates a uniform look with a selection of options. With Fashion Farm Foundation the show was divided into four separate collections. The first was one of my favorites using a contrast of black and red accessories, with bold statement sunglasses, this was called Injury and it was a very unusual collection. Second up was Day Dream Nation which was perfectly named as it was so intriguing and out there. Day Dream Nation was a collection created solely around a wandering and creative mind, bringing to life a combination of fashion and daydreams. I have to say I understand and appreciate that not many would wear this on a daily basis but to see a collection that went against the illusion of practical fashion, made it all the more fun for me. For me it was creative, fun and regardless of it being out there had pieces within the collection that you would pull and make your own. Following Pursuit were the boys modeling Placed by Gideon, this was a lot more casual but still unique in its own right. My favorite was a white sweater combo with purple pants it is not your typical masculine look. Adding color you would think would make a man look feminine but there was not a hint of this, the boys rocked it. Last but not least was Methodology Collection, which I feel would be more suited to rockers of New York, it definitely had some quirky pieces, their embellished caps finished of the show and I would not be surprised to see it showcased on the streets of New York next week !!

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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