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Gabrielson Beige

September 6, 2015


The change of seasons can be very exciting and beautiful at this time of year and the Autumn or Fall has got to my favourite in the city. Not only is the weather more beautiful but also there is an excitement and real buzz among all fashion lovers for the week of fashion in NYC with the introduction of new collections and designers. Autumn/Winter time for dressing up has got to be my favorite, I love to layer up and feel cozy. The only negative to this time of year is that dresses really aren’t the most practical option for a night out. That’s until I discovered a New York designer called Lauren Gabrielson. Driven by her appreciation for timeless style and passion for designing pieces that women want to wear, this is one designer you really need to take note of. Lauren started her professional career in the fashion industry working with Ginny Hilfiger on her brand, Ginny H. While working in New York , she recognized the industry’s tendency to outsource production overseas, which sometimes resulted in products that often lacked quality and originality of design. Inspired to produce locally made clothing, Lauren began producing pieces of her own. After seeing much success with her colorful, uniquely-detailed and effortless designs, Lauren opened her first store in Sag Harbor, New York for the Summer of 2010 and her brick and mortar flagship in Nolita, NYC in 2011. Each collection is made in her Brooklyn based factory, where she oversees each piece that is made. Known for offering a fresh take on classic designs, Lauren allows women to create a style that is truly their own, with a dynamic array of colors and styles. I have to admit wearing jersey dresses wouldn’t be my first choice of dress to pick while shopping. The minute I tried this dress on however I knew I would have missed out with my theory. I am now a new lover of the jersey dress and truth be told, I have never felt more sophisticated and elegant. For me comfort is important but that can be achieved in many ways. If I feel as though I’m wearing a dress or trousers that ultimately draws focus to my less than favorite spots, I immediately want to change. Whats my least favorite?? At the minute it has to be my hips and waist, so why wear a jersey body-con dress? Jersey dresses are known to show every inch but with this particular dress I’ve never felt so confident. Tailoring a jersey dress seems to be a challenge for most designers however not for Lauren. With the clever use of pleats and corseted fabric carried down the waist line, she has designed a dress that is sophisticated and sexy but also extremely comfortable. For my accessories, I did not want to go crazy with color, as I find beige and creams are beautiful on their own and can be easily ruined by deep vibrant colors. That’s only my personal opinion. Lucky for me, I found this beautiful clutch bag from Aldo shoes which are fast becoming my favorite collection this season for bags. Not forgetting my bracelet, I will forever remain loyal to my Jcrew jewelry and found this piece at a sample sale this year which is something I do advise to keep a watch out for between seasons. I hope you love this look as much as I do. Lauren designs can be found online, in exclusive pop-up locations around New York and the Hamptons as well and in Luxury resort wear boutiques nationwide. So don’t miss out.

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Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

Photography by Mark J. Romanelli



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