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Galway Races

August 8, 2016

Last weekend I decided following the gentle persuasion of my good friend Ellie to pick out an outfit in the space of five hours for the Galway Races Ladies Day and hop on a bus the same day to Galway. MANIC !!!. To say the day was a rush in more ways than one is a real understatement. I have so many beautiful dresses but as this is a huge social and fashion event in the Irish Calendar it gave me the perfect excuse to add something new to my wardrobe. When these opportunities occur which they regularly do, its important to have your “go to” boutique. For me it is After Sybil which you may recall from a previous post of mine. I just love this boutique. It has a deserved reputation and justifiably so for stocking some of the most beautiful dresses from exclusive designers to vintage favourites. Lucky for me it is only a ten minute drive from my house.

The dress I wore is a beautiful dusty baby blue dress from designer Ludmila Corlateanu. There are many pieces from her collection to be found however I had my eye on this one for a while and finally had the excuse to buy it. I honestly have never felt so elegant in a dress, the tailoring and overall sihiloutte was perfect for my body shape. I have always wanted to have an Audrey Hepburn moment and embrace her classic style, this dress I feel ticked every box of Hollywood Glamour. Personally I have always been afraid to wear high neck tops, simply because I have become very busty in recent years but trust me ladies, this dress is stitched to perfection. For me I did not wear a bra and the dress didn’t need it. You know you have found an incredible designer when you can wear a dress without a bra and feel so secure in it.

As many of you know, Ladies day is not only about wearing the perfect dress but it is also about finding the most daring hat to compliment it and hopefully stand out. Walking into the races was something I have never experienced before and it was so exciting. So many women experiment with their style of hat and were not afraid to be noticed. I loved every minute of it. Vibrant, beautiful, stylish and really buzzing, whats not to love ? Millinery is huge here in Ireland at the moment and I adore how women embrace this fashion accessory for just about every social occasion. For me it really makes an outfit, so it was really important that I selected the right hat to complete my outfit. My favourite millinery designer has to be Carol Kennelly, her collection of hats are so diverse, fun, delicate, intricate, timeless but brilliantly different. No matter what your personalty is, Carol has adopted all these elements into her design making her in my mind the best of the best. I had seen Carol’s collection while attending her show in New York Fashion Week. I have always wanted to own a Carol Kennelly piece and I am so proud to now say I now do. The hat I wore is called Gigi which is a silver box hat encrusted with jewels. A perfect statement piece that pulled my entire look together. It is not something you should really admit but I have honestly never felt more beautiful. If I could wear a Carol Kennelly hat every day I would.

My friend Ellie bought her dress also from After Sybil and created a completely different look. We may have both worn blue but it just goes to show how different each women’s personal style is. I loved her look, she is never afraid to experiment with her fashion. A true Lawless lady in my books, in more ways than one lol. To get both of are looks visit After Sybil in Blackrock Dundalk.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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