Gifts on a budget

December 14, 2017

Christmas day is fast approaching and one thing that is on my mind and probably yours is “Did we get the right gift’. Whether it is a loved one, friend or a work colleague we all want to put a little thought into our gifts. Sometimes it can be a difficult task as those closest to us always keep their Christmas wish a hidden secret.

When puzzled on what to get for a loved one, I always think of something practical. I have attached a link to two products which I love to use daily. Recently I purchased Fuschia make up set which is simply amazing. I am no makeup expert but for me, these brushes are no different to expensive sets I once owned. Also, they come with a lovely makeup bag which is an added treat and the price doesn’t hurt.

The other is Elave skincare which I use daily and can not live without. If I was to go a week without using this skincare line I would immediately notice a difference. Elave is Irish owned so you will be supporting local jobs. It has won numerous awards and is even recommended by Grazia Magazine. Elave is a skincare line that caters to everyone even babies and it is affordable. I have picked a gift set but do not be afraid to explore the site and see for yourself.

Shopping on a budget can be hard so I wanted to set myself a goal and see what I could find for under 55 euro. Scarfs, hats, and gloves are a safe bet but if you know the person well enough I have attached a few other items to consider. One, in particular, is a River Island Cape which I have bought for myself. This item is a steal, I first saw this cape while at River Island S/S Press day. Originally 100 euro this embroidered and heavily beaded cape is the perfect addition to your Christmas wardrobe. If you are a future bride this cape would be ideal for your special.

Be smart with your shopping this Christmas season there is really no need to day stress. Besides its the thought that counts.

Happy Christmas,

Niamh X



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