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November 14, 2017




A lot of women would say leave a little to the imagination, these ladies have yet to shop in Journelle. Many would say it is somewhat tacky to flaunt your lingerie, others would even suggest its vulgar. Quotes which say ‘Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but choose not to show or the infamous leg or chest rule. You can not do both, well rules where made to be broken. When you are styling lingerie into your outfit it’s about creating balance. Films and Tv shows have adopted this look and no not Bridget Jones awkward playboy bunny moment or Miley Cry wrecking ball debut. There is a big difference between looking like a character to looking like a fashionista. A lady to take a few notes from would have to be British model Lily Donaldson who bared all at this year’s Miss Dior Perfume Launch in Montauroux. It is a stunning look however if this is too bold for you instead of wearing a sheer skirt opted for a flared high waisted pant.


If you are still not convinced then look to Cara Delevingne for some fashion inspo. Back in 2016 at the Suicide Squad premiere, Cara owned the red carpet flaunting her legs with thigh-high Louboutin boots. For me this look is perfection, I love how she has reinvented the rock chic image. It has been popular among many age groups for decades and has since been renamed countless times from gothic, punk to retro. One word which has been absent is romantic and elegant until now. Many love to wear all black but sometimes for me, it can be slightly boring.

Wearing lingerie out is a taboo no matter who you. Cara held onto her modesty wearing a beautiful studded leather jacket, however, the sheer sleeves and back add a romantic touch. Sheer, leather, and thigh high boots all mixed into one sentence would make your granny’s eyes roll in disgust. However, Cara’s outfit speaks volumes, showing you really can rock your undies and look like a romantic rock chic goddess.

For me, I am going through a rainbow phase that I can’t seem to get out of even in winter. As a stylist, I am always scanning through shops to find something special. Many women while shopping find something they love but decide not to buy it as they don’t have anything to match it with. My advice is to buy what you love and build a look around it. It was quite clear from the beginning of the year that lilac was going to be the color of 2017. I purchased my top from River Island this summer and while on holidays in New York I found my skirt from Club Monaco. From there it was very easy to build my outfit however it was not fully complete as I need the right lingerie to complement my sheer top, that was the hardest part. When I was in New York again I found a quant lingerie boutique on the upper east side called Journelle, I was in luck. Forget Victoria Secret if you want to really make a statement then this is the brand for you. I have picked out some of my favorite styles, what you do from there is up to you. But remember whether you decide to showcase your lingerie or leave it a secret, either way, you will feel beautiful and that is what is important. Photography by Yong (instagram: Smashnj)

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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