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October 28, 2017


Sequence & Glitter its hard to escape this powerful duo, especially around party season. Whether you love this embellishment or simply hate it you will still find yourself fixated. For myself personally, I have always loved this look. However, after time, I feel more selective in my choice of shopping. Its important for every woman to have this approach as sequence and glitter can easily look cheap. To avoid this you have to be a little critical of yourself. For example with myself, I wouldn’t consider buying a dress with an oversized sequence as I am heavier in the bust. Personally, I would feel a lot more comfortable wearing a skirt to draw attention away from this area. However, that does not mean sequence dresses are forbidden. If you are like me then buying a dress with a smaller sequence that is tightly stitched will work perfectly. Why may you ask? Well, it is a slimmer fit no matter what size or shape you are. Unfortunately, if sequences are too big or slightly clustered it can visually add an inch to your silhouette. Who wants that?

Below you will find my favorite pieces that are now available to purchase online. If you find yourself having a similar problem like myself then there are two-piece below that you should consider. The first is a pencil skirt from Mango which is my overall favorite. It is not a vulgar disco ball of sequences and is beautifully styled. Worn with a polo neck this look is very sophisticated and would complement many body shapes. Second, is a the Moonglow dress from Freepeople with an elegant smock sleeve. It is an expensive buy however worth every penny. If this trend is something you would rather avoid then perhaps you may consider Haedyn Sequined ankle boot. The options for styling this look are endless, from black skinny jeans or perhaps a white knit dress.If heels are not your thing then Uterque have a blouse is hard not to love. Clearly inspired by Gucci S/S17 collection this blouse is a perfect introduction to sequence haters. If you find one of these pieces that you love but are unsure how to style it please feel free to ask, I am more than happy to help. (yourlawless@gmail.com)

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X
Pictures above (Photography by Gabriel M Brandt, Creative Directed & Styled by me)



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