Primark A/W2017

  One benefit of being a stylist is that we sometimes are lucky and get a sneak peak of collections that are yet to be released. It makes up for the times we are left carrying painfully heavy bags (with pointed heels piercing your leg) not fun. Another plus side is free gym membership because this job is a grueling workout when it chooses to be. Recently I received the look book for Primark (Penny’s) A/W17 collection and of course, I had to show my readers. After Suki Waterhouse rocked a mode vinyl coat a few years back the trend has finally re-entered designers minds and I am so happy about it. Yes, I have been looking continuously for a vintage ...
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Online Shopping

Today I wanted to talk about online shopping. The last time I discussed this topic it was in relation to scams and how to purchase and exchange information online safely. This post is a lot less serious but I do advise you read my later post for future reference "4 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud." I have picked a selection of shops and designers that I frequently visit whether it's a shoe fetish you have or just love to find something unique I feel these sites are ones for you. ( Above picture: Photography by Gabriel M Brandt. Styling by me, Models Janet Ribando & Caitlin Grace.) FOR DRESSES It is the one thing that I really should stop buying but can't ...
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River Island A/W 2017

  Hello again, It has been a while. I have been working on a few exciting projects that I will later share. But until then I wanted to share my latest whereabouts last Wednesday 'River Islands A/W17 Preview.' For the last three seasons, River Island shoe collections have taken over my room literally. There are eight shoe boxes in my wardrobe not including several others decorating my floor this very minute. It's hard to resist a cute pair of boots especially when they are sixty euro. No matter what the style or current inspo, River Island has always maintained an affordable choice. This collection will be no different. One important part of my job is to always stay ahead of each season which ...
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There is a secret Irish rule which believes you should only wear sunglasses in the summer. I completely disagree with this view and I feel I am not alone. There are called sun-glasses not summer-glasses lol. Enough with this silly rule please. As long as the sun is in the sky I will be wearing a pair and besides, come night time you can wear them as a hair band. Accessorising accessories is something that I always love to do. For me there are many benefits to owning a fabulous pair of sunnies. When your having a bad day and maybe didn't get a chance to apply your eye liner (something I continuously do) or even just creeping on a ...
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Summer Suits

I know in some areas we are still fighting for equal rights but ladies lets face it, some things will never be equal but this time its in our favour. Do you really want to see your boyfriend or husband wear one of your dresses. Hell no, I am guessing. However sorry boys but this rule does not apply to us lovely ladies. We can wear your clothes and you know what ? we can rock it better and have been doing it ever since the 80's. We should make no apologies for this. Come summer time floral dresses, skirts, and beach cover ups are embedded into are minds and are continuously displayed on numerous online and retail shops. I am ...
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COS A/W 17

  Autumn Winter 2017 The collection explores two key directions this season: new proportions and soft tailoring inspired by architectural lines and the experimentation of geometric drapes and rich textures – offering a new take on classic pieces. Women The influence of tailoring is evident in the collection, garments are reimagined with a modern twist; a wool blend suit in burgundy features menswear-inspired voluminous slacks that drape at the feet, a tailored wool blend top with zip detail is paired with a silk ivory shirt and a long deconstructed sleeveless waistcoat feels effortless in a relaxed, unstructured material. Taking its inspiration from the lines of architecture and industrial references, the collection experiments with the proportion of silhouettes and details – featuring exaggerated lapels, cuffs and ...
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Model wears white layered halter dress €269

Dress for the Occasion

  River Island our excited to announce the launch of “Dress for The Occasion”. A collection designed with with a romantic and sultry feel. So ladies if you have an up and coming event that you wish to impress this week is the time to visit your nearest River Island store. I have seen these dresses in person and I honestly was blown away, truly. Two in particular that would be perfect for a bridal dress, veil not included. I am not over exaggerating this collection is spectacular but it is limited edition so don't hold back. Nothing haunts us ladies more than a dress we did not buy. You have been warned. Stay Lawless, Niamh X   PRICES 1.    Frilled white layered halter dress ...
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River Island S/S 2017

  The perks of being a stylist are endless, besides having the excuse of continuously buying for our so called kit, you are your own boss. What’s not to love about that ? Creative directing and styling has always been my dream job and although I am new to the fashion and film business, just four years to be exact. It’s a weird but wonderful feeling to wake up knowing I’m doing what I love. To be a good stylist you have to stay ahead of the game and always educate yourself, whether it is the latest designer, model or photographer but let me get to my point. One part of my job is to attend Press days and my latest ...
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Stocking Fillers

  Waking up on Christmas morning my mum sorry Santa would always have a stocking at the end of my bed. I am not sure if many of you hold this tradition or maybe you might consider starting this year. Personally I think it’s a great gift for a loved one. Instead of purchasing one expensive item that they may or may not use, filling a stocking with lipsticks, cozy soaks that you know they will want and need. As fun as Christmas can be, it can also be stressful buying gifts. For me I find a stocking to be the best solution to this problem. To fill the best stocking for your girlfriend or wife I have picked out the ...
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4 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

  So who is panicking at this stage over Christmas shopping? I am sure some of you will be shopping on Christmas Eve for last minute pieces. However if you are like me and try to plan ahead I wanted to give you a few tips. Unfortunately it's not about the latest discount or free offer but I feel it is still very important. In my late teens and throughout college, I worked in retail from accessories to ladies and men's departments. I feel I learnt a lot about shopping but my shopaholic addiction thought me much more. So let me get straight to my point "Online Shopping" what's not to love about it ? Instead of running to the shops after a ...
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