River Island S/S18

  Spring Summer 2018 at River Island offers quirky and unique reinventions of the season's trends. With our fit for every occasion separates through to essential beach-babe attire, each piece exhibits River Island’s high street luxury allure whilst celebrating ethnicity and street culture. Unveiling an array of contrasting fabrics, textures and prints to create decadent and drastic dimensions for the season ahead. 80’S GRAPHIC is still shining through into the new season. The colour palette is stripped back to minimal monochrome, with the focus being on power dressing. Using oversized jewellery, white on white suiting and sultry frills, the collection oozes glamour with a casual edge. Styled with noteworthy logo-bearing bags and Parisian-esque berets, accessories take centre-court with bright bursts of colour. Larger-than-life ...
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    A lot of women would say leave a little to the imagination, these ladies have yet to shop in Journelle. Many would say it is somewhat tacky to flaunt your lingerie, others would even suggest its vulgar. Quotes which say ‘Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but choose not to show or the infamous leg or chest rule. You can not do both, well rules where made to be broken. When you are styling lingerie into your outfit it's about creating balance. Films and Tv shows have adopted this look and no not Bridget Jones awkward playboy bunny moment or Miley Cry wrecking ball debut. There is a big difference between looking like a character to looking ...
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Fashion or Pain?

Who loves heels? I know I do but there is a percentage of women that refuse to endure this pain for fashion. Honestly, there are times I wish I was that smart. There really is nothing worse than being out with friends and unable to move with the sheer physical and sometimes unbearable pain. Some of us ( i.e me) choose wine as are remedy others wear flats. But what if there was a solution would you consider embracing a heel for a night? If your answer is still no then hear me out. No matter if you have a pair of flats or heels chances are new shoes have to be worn in and unfortunately, that is a painful ...
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Just Sequence

  Sequence & Glitter its hard to escape this powerful duo, especially around party season. Whether you love this embellishment or simply hate it you will still find yourself fixated. For myself personally, I have always loved this look. However, after time, I feel more selective in my choice of shopping. Its important for every woman to have this approach as sequence and glitter can easily look cheap. To avoid this you have to be a little critical of yourself. For example with myself, I wouldn't consider buying a dress with an oversized sequence as I am heavier in the bust. Personally, I would feel a lot more comfortable wearing a skirt to draw attention away from this area. However, that ...
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Guilty Pleasure

I can not speak for all ladies but would it be wrong to say that we can not leave our house without are handbag? If you can do without then I wish to change this. I have picked out a selection of handbags that will be your first though before leaving your house. For me, a handbag is a necessary part of my day as I see it as opportunity to embellished my outfit. Handbags are like shoes they say a lot about our personality. When I was younger I would only buy a big handbag. Back then when Paris Hilton was an ‘IT’ girl, young girls like myself followed along with trying to fit everything you possibly owned into ...
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Start Shopping!!!!

Summer 2017 is long gone however when I was in New York last week that was a little hard to believe. Thankfully I was prepared but even better I found so many beautiful summer pieces on sale. September is one of my favorite months of the year not only is it fashion month but also it is the month of constant sales. Recently I have found so many amazing dresses, shoes, and accessories online for little to nothing. How mean would it be if I kept this all for myself? One of my particular favorites is a coat from Mango colorful of course. It’s no secret that I am continuously buying them, but they are necessary especially when you live ...
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Primark A/W2017

  One benefit of being a stylist is that we sometimes are lucky and get a sneak peak of collections that are yet to be released. It makes up for the times we are left carrying painfully heavy bags (with pointed heels piercing your leg) not fun. Another plus side is free gym membership because this job is a grueling workout when it chooses to be. Recently I received the look book for Primark (Penny’s) A/W17 collection and of course, I had to show my readers. After Suki Waterhouse rocked a mode vinyl coat a few years back the trend has finally re-entered designers minds and I am so happy about it. Yes, I have been looking continuously for a vintage ...
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Online Shopping

Today I wanted to talk about online shopping. The last time I discussed this topic it was in relation to scams and how to purchase and exchange information online safely. This post is a lot less serious but I do advise you read my later post for future reference "4 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud." I have picked a selection of shops and designers that I frequently visit whether it's a shoe fetish you have or just love to find something unique I feel these sites are ones for you. ( Above picture: Photography by Gabriel M Brandt. Styling by me, Models Janet Ribando & Caitlin Grace.) FOR DRESSES It is the one thing that I really should stop buying but can't ...
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River Island A/W 2017

  Hello again, It has been a while. I have been working on a few exciting projects that I will later share. But until then I wanted to share my latest whereabouts last Wednesday 'River Islands A/W17 Preview.' For the last three seasons, River Island shoe collections have taken over my room literally. There are eight shoe boxes in my wardrobe not including several others decorating my floor this very minute. It's hard to resist a cute pair of boots especially when they are sixty euro. No matter what the style or current inspo, River Island has always maintained an affordable choice. This collection will be no different. One important part of my job is to always stay ahead of each season which ...
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