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Marissa Webb – NYFW 2015

February 15, 2015

Marissa Webb is one of my favorite designers I was extremely excited to hear that I was finally getting the chance to work behind the scenes of one of her shows for fashion week. The very first summer I worked in New York I discovered Jcrew, a store that I hope will soon hit Ireland. I adore this brand it is simplistic however employs feminine elegance incorporated with bold and edgy jewelry. Regardless of what statement you want to make big or small it’s a brand that should be present in every women’s wardrobe. Marissa has carried these elements into her own line having played a huge role within the companies success. Her design roles within the Jcrew brand spanned over a decade. Marissa’s position changed as she switched roles from Head of Accessories Design to the Head of Women’s wear. Although her creative role was highly regarded within the industry Marissa pushed beyond this and proved in 2013 that she was her own household name branching out into her own line. This allowed Marissa to showcase her personality and enable her to design freely but also amplified her unique and individual style. She has been the model of timeless fashion however maintains a style that only fits todays modern women by incorporating unexpected and contrasting pieces. Each collection adds its own charm however Marissa has achieved they impossible with each season by creating clothing that is ageless but also forever timeless.

This season at New York Fashion week was no different to any other. The variety of textures, tailoring and vibrancy was endless. Experimenting with sheer pinks and creams to bold combat greens and lushes’ black lace with grey tones in between it was a very exciting show to see. Not forgetting the candy apple red pieces, Marissa once again created clothing that was elegant but with an edge. What I love through out this collection was how diverse it really was. There was no repetitive looks with just a variety of colors and textures each were individual and owned a different expression to suit multiple body types and personas. There was no prominent color either but it was very clear that Marissa was creating a story behind each. For baby pink it mostly consisted of preppy suits but also had some loose dresses in the mix. It was tailored in a way that was very seductive but classy something very hard to achieve but Marissa nailed it. Another favorite of mine was a lace top and combat trousers combo. The back of the top is bare showing off the fine lace matched with combat trouser. I just think this outfit is effortless and I want it assap. It was a full house but the real excitement came when Whoopi Goldberg arrived along with cast from The View along with the beautiful Louise Row. It really was not a show not to be missed. Keep your eye out next fall ladies there really is something for every one.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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