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My Summer Haven

August 1, 2015


As much as I love New York, I love to take a break from it just as much, with the continuous racket of traffic build up on Fifth Avenue, to the unbearable heat and humidity on the subways, there are times were it can all be a little to much. Most people’s summer haven in these unbearable months is the Hamptons but for me it’s Rhode Island. My buddy has a family home right on the water front, with a boat to match and lucky for me every summer since living here in the states I’ve been fortunate enough to stay. This trip was a little bit more special, having my parents over. I really am so lucky to have great friends and I am so grateful that they go above and beyond, taking time out from their busy work schedule to bring my parents sailing. It really was a weekend to remember and one that I will always treasure but now talking about fashion, this really is my favorite time of year to dress up or down.

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Recently discovering Free People, it has helped make my summer wardrobe that extra bit special. Now I really don’t know how I have lived without it ! This hipster laid back brand will have you looking beyond glamorous without the effort attached to it. My white dress was 88 dollars and can also be purchased in a beautiful burgundy color. I will warn you ladies,  this is now very popular, so you have to move fast with this brand. If you want it get it, you can always return it. The fabric is just perfect for a cover up, keeping the sun away but still keeping you cool. Perfectly designed for the beach, I have ventured out a few nights in this dress but just make sure to wear a slip or white shorts underneath. No matter what your shape you will feel sexy and seductive but also surprisingly comfortable. We all have are insecurities but for me its my arms, so dresses like these are perfect for hiding pretty much everything. Free People really know how to make a girl feel beautiful because everything they make is effortless and simple but still fashionably acceptable. It’s a brand that tailors for an individual style and mind set. If you are a girl with an edge and loves to play up a bohemian style for summer, Free People should be your only option.

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My headband is actually a necklace, I bought this piece from a Jcrew sample sale. New York are renowned for sample sales my favorite is 260 Sample Sales between 28th and 29th 5ft Avenue. You will find one at least each week around the city if not for yourself possible one that your boyfriend or dad will love. However make sure to Google sample sales in New York if coming on a holiday, don’t leave it until the last day of the sale you will find nothing special. Sample Sales attract a lot of shopaholics so much that brands have to replenish the floors with more stock after two days…. I don’t lie. Accessories are my favorite thing to indulge in. You can never have enough….. well I think you can’t ! Reason why I think so? Necklaces especially are very versatile and don’t have to be just a necklace, you can add it to your handbag, turn it into a bracelet and depending on the structure, I have found myself adding a ribbon into the mix and turning it into a belt. This time around, I was a little more simple, pining it in place to create a statement head piece. I hope I have inspired one of you lovely ladies to try this out, trust me its a lot of fun. Another favorite of mine for accessories if Jcrew is a little bit of an expense, is River Island but what I will say is, you won’t regret it.Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems in it.


Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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