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    A lot of women would say leave a little to the imagination, these ladies have yet to shop in Journelle. Many would say it is somewhat tacky to flaunt your lingerie, others would even suggest its vulgar. Quotes which say ‘Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but choose not to show or the infamous leg or chest rule. You can not do both, well rules where made to be broken. When you are styling lingerie into your outfit it's about creating balance. Films and Tv shows have adopted this look and no not Bridget Jones awkward playboy bunny moment or Miley Cry wrecking ball debut. There is a big difference between looking like a character to looking ...
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    How many times has your style changed? For myself personally, I have lost count. At twelve I rocked the sock sleeve inspired by Avril Lavigne. Then there was the era from of Abercrombie & Fitch. At college, I think there was some confusion as I would wear river island sandals in the midst of winter with jeans and leather jacket. I know what was I thinking. But there was one thing that I have loved to wear continuously from the early age of twelve and that has been a puffer jacket. Since my teens, the puffer jacket has evolved from a causal dual coat to wear while walking to becoming a fashion statement of its own. Designers like Moschino have taken ...
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  Do you have a denim jacket? If not why not I would ask ? I have picked out my favourites which I feel are perfect fit for this summer. Denim is cool, classic and always appealing no matter how you style it. Would you believe that the denim jacket debuted in 1880 and was created by fashion creator and Levi founder Levi Strauss. Designed to be durable, hardwearing and targeted at rugged cowboys and gold rush miners, it quickly had many fans at this time. It has since evolved so much since then and is continuously being reinvented/restyled and introduced as something new and fresh.  I love how this uniform for originally for men has been consistently reinvented throughout the ...
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Hello Yellow

  2017 got off to a really great start. For me visiting New York was a huge highlight, getting back to see all my friends and family. I have been looking forward to showing off these pictures and hopefully inspiring a new colour combo for the Spring summer season. It is quite obvious I wear boots with pretty much everything, so this wardrobe post is no different. Wherever I go, what ever the season, boots will be packed. For this wardrobe post its all about Zara and why not, for me it is amazing. There really is nothing more frustrating than seeing a designer garment which is out of reach price-wise but thanks to Zara’s cunning ways and accessible designs we ...
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  So I know that I have said this previously but sometimes repeating can be a good thing especially when it is in relation to fashion. No matter what your personality, shape or size there is a very rare chance that you have never worn black. If you have, I want to meet you and shake your hand in person for resisting all those beautiful dresses in Zara. It is a colour you really cannot escape and for a very good reason it looks really good with everything. It is often said to be a lady and a fashionable one, you must at all cost have a Little black dress. I have many but I will let you decide if you ...
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My Two Loves

  I have been back in New York for over three weeks now and really love every minute, just catching up with friends and enjoying the city. I missed it so much. It really has been non stop since I arrived back but nothing really changes in this city, other than the fashion of course and a few new skyscapers here and there !! So my latest wardrobe post has to be from my two favourite brands in New York, which are  BCBG and Aritizia. Both designer stores were my absolute favourite places to shop while living here and Club Monaco but that is for another day. However at the moment, BCBG is closing many of its stores around the city, ...
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Spring Knitwear 2017

  So it is that time of year again, the juggling act of layering up and cooling down. No surprise that everyone has a cold right now. Sweaters and cardigans never held much interest for me. I am always buying winter coats, I feel they are just the best thing to have in your wardrobe especially when you live in Ireland. I will wear them all the time, well that’s my excuse to friend’s and family. For me, sweaters were normally dull and frumpy, even if you found one you loved, it would soon lose shape or just look like a ball of fuzz. When I was a teenager you would never see me wearing one, but now older and hopefully a little wiser I have found a new appreciation ...
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  Hi ladies, So I have a question for you. What is your "Go to" place to shop for a wardrobe emergency? Is it a High street store or a beautiful quaint boutique around the corner. Whichever one you may prefer perhaps you might now reconsider. Everyone has their favorite and for many different reasons. For me whether it’s pulling looks for a shoot or just for myself personally, "Sybil" is always my first stop. Located on Blackrock’s picturesque seafront it’s really hard to miss their eye catching window display. Sister’s first and owners second, Aine & Marie have put their heart and soul into making Sybil the success it is today and it shows. Having won numerous awards for their tasteful selection of exclusive designers and great customer service, it is a boutique I urge everyone to consider. Some of ...
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  So its finally January, I still cannot believe 2016 is behind us, an interesting year to say the least. It wasn't all bad, we can always rely on fashion to keep a smile on our faces. Retail Therapy was alive and well last year. Not to mention Gucci's 2016 collection which still gives me goose bumps. However it is a New Year and its time to move on. January is not a month I am to fond of. Why? Well Christmas decorations are gone and looking at your bank account is an emotionally time for all of us. Another reason is the confusion of what to wear.Depending on what climate you are living in January is usually a cold one. Except ...
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St Stephens Day Sales

  Hi Ladies, So I have one question for you, who loves jumpsuits ? Because I have just found the perfect one which could possibly convince those who refuse to wear them. I can see your point, for those that aren’t too fond of them. Jumpsuits or Rompers which ever you decide to call them have one thing in common, they are not for the shy and body conscious. You really cannot hide any curve, lump or bump. I know I am really selling this but just hear me out. I feel what makes this jumpsuit different apart from its beautiful emerald green ruffle, is the fit of the pants which has a flared leg. At the moment I have been trying ...
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