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March 21, 2015

So this weekend I wore my amazing new spring jacket that I purchased at Family Jewel Vintage down in Chelsea on 23rd street between 7th and 6th Ave. I love vintage shopping simply because its one of a kind, you are not buying a garment that is massed produced and is seen in every magazine. Owning vintage pieces is basically owning a garment that has a story and mystery behind it. Lucky for girls like myself I find this alone has put a few of my friends off shopping for vintage clothing. Most faults they find are the same as there always questioning ‘Were has it been?’ or that it’s to worn. I have to be honest its only in recent years that I’ve started to venture into wearing vibrant colors. There was a stage and I think were all guilty of it was the ever growing wardrobe of black ensembles, thankful now I have moved on from.

Colors can be intimating for many but for me I love to add abit of vibrancy to my wardrobe especially around these months when we are consumed with constant blacks and beiges. Festive season is over and although its still very cold in New York doesn’t mean we cannot embrace spring. When I found this jacket a lot of my friends that didn’t particular like it and nearly put me off it. Its important to take friends advice into consideration at times but if you have a picture in your head of how your going to wear something Get it!! You will only regret it later. Its important to remember that one persons taste is different to another’s so take the risk to stand out. I love embellishments and really wanted to find a clutch bag that was heavily beaded to add more texture and vibrancy to the overall look. Luckily for me that soon changed when I found this amazing clutch bag in a shop called ‘Joie’ www.joie.com. It was double luck to be truthful, not only did I discover this chic boutique but also my bag was ordinal 250 dollars down to a whopping 37 dollars BBBAARGIN. So I was sold in a second obliviously. This entire look was just under 100 dollars so it pays to shop around but of course buy vintage. I hope I’ve convinced even one of you ladies that previously had doubts, you really are missing out. Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems behind it.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

Photography by Mark J. Romanelli



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