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The Necessary Expense

March 15, 2015


Something I feel is essential to every wardrobe is a tailored leather jacket. Once you have a good quality jacket in your wardrobe you’ll never go wrong. It can be worn with everything and is perfect for every season. I purchased my leather jacket from Karen Millen in my first year of college four years ago and it still looks brand new. Karen Millen is defiantly worth a visit if considering investing in a leather jacket. Each season there is amazing range of colors and tailoring, it is an expense but a necessary one that you won’t regret. I love my comfort at the weekends especially after standing on set for hours on end, heels are far from my mind when considering a weekend stroll.

Recently I purchased these amazing timberland boots that are fashionable and dressy but more important comfortable. I am so excited about this years collection as I found with previous ones the selection of color for women were lacking and a little boring. Orange, pink, grey and black are some of the many colors that you can now purchase online instead of the infamous beige boot. However a visit to a timberland store in the nexted month is a must. Timberland will start to customize their boots to the exact color you wish.

To complete my timbs, I wore one of my favorite scarfs from Ted Baker. You really cannot go wrong with a scarf like this one, it will add that needed color to any black ensemble. My scarf is a few seasons behind but what I love about Ted Bakers accessories is that their designs tend to stay vibrant with an additional pattern in the mix. Ted really explores color with every season and most fabric he used tends to be light silks. This is perfect as a versatile piece, the softness to that fabric gives you the freedom to turn it into anything you wish from headpiece to a turban or even using it to create a bow at the side of your bag. A good selection of scarfs I think are essential to every wardrobe, they really are effortless and make an outfit with out trying. Add a statement necklace and a pair of heeled boots it’s a quick fix to change a causal day outfit into a more chic option for a night out with friends. With this particular scarf I love the tones but also it allows you the option of a more subtle pattern underneath if you decide to reverse it. Scarfs are an essential accessory that everyone should have but if you are starting to revamp your wardrobe ladies investing in new leather jacket is a must. Follow my instagram (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of New York and all the hidden gems behind it.


Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

Photography by Joshua Dorfman Visit: or instagram @bleurosephotog


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