Happy Monday ladies! Sadly New York Fashion week is fully behind us. It was such an amazing week not only getting to work behind the scenes of so many elite shows but also launching my blog for all you fashion lovers. This is my very first wardrobe post, which I’m extremely excited to share with you all. New York fashion week always has something new to offer getting to see new designers and old all in one week is what girls like myself live for. Working in production can be very overwhelming at times running from one show to the nexted, so this years outfit had to be a little more practical also considering the terrible weather we were having. Flats were a must for me, I chose to wear these bold cheetah printed high tops from Topshop along with my leather trouser from Aritza that I love. Leather pants can be a tricky one to master but I do advise looking at Aritza they have several styles for this kind of look if not online defiantly in store. “Made in the 90’s” was a fun top I got from River Island matched with my quilted jacket from Topshop. I personally love tops like this there fun and easy, from far away this top looks very simple but the fonts on it actually have very small embellishments on it. For jewelry I kepted it simple wearing a vibrant bracelet from Jcrew to add a little color to my outfit. My hat is actually from Duckie Brown, which I got of the designers this year for working on their show. Orange is a color that should be present in every season, it really goes perfect with any outfit and contrasts well with many colors. Last summer I invested in this orange Sophie Hulme bag, it was an expense but a necessary one. I do advise every girl to keep their eye out for bags like this they really are an investment and there’s nothing better than snatching one up at a sale. Thank you to Joshua Dorfman for snapping up these amazing pictures before the shows. To see more of his work visit www.bleurosephotography.com or follow him on instagram @bleurosephotog. Keep an eye out on my instagram account @your_lawless to find more of my recent posts and fashion finds.

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