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September 26, 2015

Having gone to the same college in Dublin, Ireland I would like to think that great minds think alike… lol but in this case I think I’m only trying to convince myself of that. Only just graduated last November, Andrew Bell is a name to watch out for very closely in the world of fashion. Moving to Paris later on this year can only improve and fine-tune his skills but also I feel help showcase this real talent from our small emerald isle. Having worked closely with the Creative Director and Head Designer of Dunnes Stores, Ireland, Andrew has developed a broad range of styles encompassing both formal and causal elements. Andrew has carried these elements into his own line and this has played a huge role with developing his continually growing fan base. Working closely beside their top designers his work experience does not stop there, having also interned with JW Anderson, Andrew has quickly developed a knowledge for the production and business side of the fashion industry having recently worked both SS14 Men’s and SS15 Women’s London shows. Creatively he was responsible for much of the success of each fashion house but now I feel its Andrew Bell’s time to fully shine in his own right with his very own personal collection. For his graduate piece, Andrew was influenced by the army trend that young girls were flaunting on nights out. He observed closely their body language and began to experiment with several silhouettes. The way in which women carry their handbags and themselves is one of the main focal points with his designs. In Ireland, young women carry enormous clutch bags when going out, although it may not make common sense elsewhere, it was enough to inspire this particular Wrap.Clench.Clutch.Consume. The concept is about empowering a relationship between fashion and the fashion victim. This is one of the reasons for his beautiful oversized silhouettes.

andrew 6

I was very excited this season for NYFW, as it was the first season that I was able to sit in for a show. So of course I wanted to be different and stand out from New Yorks finest but without being over confident, Andrew Bell’s outfit, which I wore on the day, was a huge hit. The moment I walked up to the tents, photographers were immediately drawn to my outfit. It was a little overwhelming at first but I won’t lie, it just demonstrated for me in one second, how unique and talented Andrews’s designs truly are. From being interviewed by several magazines, to being pulled aside by other designers, I have no doubt it will be no time before Andrew Bell’s exciting collection will be shown inside the tents rather than outside. If I didn’t draw enough attention to these killer trousers, I knew my next plan of action would be a frenzy, which it was. Like every girl, we know when to turn on the “cute button”, so in complete girlie fashion, to help draw attention to myself I pretended I had received a text on my phone. Now you may not know it but if you are not familiar with this collection, my beige leg on this trouser is not only a killer combo of beige and soft neon coral but also a hidden clutch bag. People were amazed at how clever and elegant it was, so much so that from the crowd a familiar face popped over to ask for a business card. Natural beauty Jackie Cruz insisted on finding out who the designer was and took several of Andrew’s business cards, the first of many requests after the show.

andrew 9

It was a very exciting moment for me as not only did I feel like the Belle of the ball but I knew this was only the beginning of something special for Andrew Bell. I look forward to seeing were this talented young Irish designer will be in years to come, so keep a watchful eye out for this name as I feel Andrew Bell’s fashion world is going to get a little more exciting very soon. Visit www.Andrew-Bell-Design.com

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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