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February 27, 2016

It really is hard to believe it has been a year since I started my blog Lawless. I feel that I have learnt so much in this time but still have a lot more to learn but still I don’t even think I could have pictured a more perfect year. This time last year, I was filled with nerves and hesitant in starting this journey. Not only was it daunting to imagine myself writing, something I have struggled with from a very young age with my dyslexia but also I really wanted to make my mum proud, as I was using her family name to represent both our passions. So the pressure was on but to my great surprise, I have found so much support, guidance and encouragement from so many people and it really makes me excited to dream further and work harder in achieving my goals and dreams. Before starting my blog, I had worked on set as a production assistant for several TV shows and films in the city. Since starting my blog, it has not only allowed others to see my passion and drive but it has created its own moments of surprise, even for myself. I would never have imagined in the space of one year I would remotely achieve what I have and it really is all down to my followers who have lead me in this direction. Costume design is something I have always thought was out of reach for me and impossible to achieve without having a fashion degree behind me. Well I was wrong, writing and working on my blog has opened so my doors and has allowed me break down so many fears I have held onto for such a long time. Starting to work on costumes and wardrobe for Daredevil and Jessica Jones was absolutely out of this world but it was when I got to work for Woody Allen, I realized how much I had grown in confidence within such a short space of time. It really sounds cheesy but genuinely I held myself back from so many things because of fears and self-doubt and I’m just so glad I started this when I did. What I’ve learned in this year is that it is only ourselves that hold us back. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you are doing, how do you expect someone else to give you a chance? I have had so many favorite moments from getting to work with Vavavoom, getting interviewed for the Sunday World Irish newspaper, even styling my own music video here in New York. There have been so many amazing moments and people that I want to say thank you to. So I have decided to do a throwback of all my favorite moments in the past year. I hope you enjoy this but mostly I look forward to the next year and what it may bring for all of us. Thank you to Mark Romanelli, Andrea O.Connor, Jessica Robinson, My lovely dad Paddy Mckeever, Ruth and Scott from Outlette Boutique, Paul Gonzalez, Paraic Mckeever, Gemma Friary, Kate King, Andrew Bell, Kristen Walker, Joshua from Bleurose photography, Kun An, Annis Kamara, Eve Emanuel’s. I am so grateful for everything you have all done to help me this year. I have so many funny moments from getting up at 4am with my aunt Andrea and Mark shooting on Brooklyn Bridge for Vavavoom. To my poor dad who I made constantly re take a picture of my feet on Castro’s colorful streets. I am still giggling to myself now at my poor dad trying to take pictures unknowing to himself that every man was checking him out. Or the many lovely mornings chatting and hanging out with my friend Jessica eating chocolate and ice cream instead of taking pictures. I am so grateful that I have a friend like you who is just as crazy and as passionate about film and fashion. I adore you all.


Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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