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February 21, 2015

OUDIFU is a very refreshing line that explores a more energetic and playful pieces of women’s apparel. Zhuliang Li founder and creative director unveiled a love for dress making at the young age of eleven. Both his parents encouraged dressmaking introducing him to the trade at a young age. There guidance allowed Zhuliang to develop into the accomplished designer he is today. Renowned as one of China’s top ten fashion designers Zhuliang has come a long way. He learned early that to be a successful designer you had to grow into one. Observing and growing within the fashion industry Zhuliang quickly learned that there were many roles to play within fashion in order to succeed as a designer with your on line you had to be aware of every skill. For fashion week this year Zhuliang had a variety of looks, there was emerald green swayed, pinks, and a combination of reds, blues and creams. Very similar to Concept Korea Zhuliang created a show that was easily divided into different collections simply from variation of colors. Make-up and hair was gorgeous, the models rocked a striking smoky eye with hair sleeked back and straightened. Zhuliang closed the show in style along with his beautiful baby girl and Miss USA Universe Nia Sanchez. Hope you enjoy my pictures ladies.

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Niamh X


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