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Outlette Boutique

March 7, 2015



Many women and men target New York every year for shopping. One thing I always find hard to wrap my head around is that most of the tourists that come here to shop, go to store’s such as H&M and Topshop, all of which are accessible online or worldwide. Don’t get me wrong, I adore these stores and I am never out of them but New York has so much more to offer than a recent sale at Zara. If you are like me ladies and love to make a statement, I think I’ve found a hidden gem for your next visit that is a must.

Recently I was working for Thom Heyer an amazing costume designer and while pulling looks for Refinery29 and Impatient Foodie shoot, I found this fabulous store called ‘Outlette.’ Located beside the iconic Flat Iron building at 6 West 23rdstreet, walk towards 5th avenue it’s hard to miss.

Ruth and Scott Bienstock are now business partners of the trendy boutique called ‘Outlette’. Having both studied in fine jewelry, Ruth and Scott always knew there next venture would be to own a store that pushed boundaries. ‘Outlette’ really has showcased their creative vision and tasteful style. Anything you purchase here has either been bought or approved by either Ruth or Scott.

Catering to both men and women, this chic boutique offers a variety of options from young up and coming jewelry designers based here in New York or in LA. Intimate and inviting would be two words I would strongly use when describing this quant boutique. On my first visit both Scott and Ruth were busy looking after customers who had a particular vision of what they wanted.

Since living and working in this city, I have discovered it is hard to find a store, which stock quality and fashionable jewelry and also has good customer service. I find in a lot of stores these traits can be surprisingly lacking. There really is nothing worse than going into a store and feeling like you’re a sale, being pushed to buy something you were not looking for or is above your price point.

Scott’s aim is to have ” a wide range of designers for every customer but also covering a range of prices, its important to us that customers are comfortable and confident with their purchase when they leave our store”. If you don’t find what you where originally shopping for, I would be very shocked if you didn’t leave this boutique with a wish list for your next visit. Designers such as K/LLER, Giles and Brother, Lionette, Gem Star, By Boe, We are all Smith, J.zar, Love AJ along with so many more can be found here.

One of my favorites is Lionette a collection, which has a variety of dramatic statement pieces both elegant and edgy. My second has to be the K/LLER collection designed by local New York designers Katie Deguzman and Michael Miller who recently won the CFDA award. K/LLER is a contrast of biker chic meets bohemia, each piece has elements of hard and soft materials. Fusing a variety of metals and soft materials making these K/LLER designs enchanting however very unique, as it’s a blend of dark and sweet.

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My absolute favorite item from ‘Outlette’, which I personally think is complete genius, is the K/LLER nail shields. Edgy but sophisticated these nail shields are actually hand graved by Otto Carter a Texas native. Now if you didn’t think that K/LLER was not rebellious enough then Mr. Carter also engraves motorbike parts, knives and guns.

Every woman loves to experiment with different styles depending on what mood they are in. ‘Outlette’ boutique has a lovely blend, catering for all personalities and has mustered a range of designers. It is also a fabrication of sophisticated, chic and urban style all under one roof. Visit www.Outlettenyc.com or instagram @outlettenyc to see more statement pieces.

Pencil it in on your next visit ladies, ‘Outlette’ you won’t be disappointed!!!


Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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