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Primark S/S Preview

December 4, 2016


Last week I was invited to Penny’s (Primark) S/S17 preview. Penny’s is a way of life for many of us Irish ladies, I can’t imagine growing up without it. There have been so many occasions for myself were I was stuck aboard for a pair of tights, tank top and just wished Penny’s was around the corner. Penny’s always fix a wardrobe malfunction. How many of you ladies would be lost at Christmas with out a PJ set or cozy socks? I know I would be. Ladies we do not know how lucky we are. While living in New York and Mexico the search for good tights or underwear was exhausting. Even when you would find a pair you were lucky if you purchased tights for 14euro. I’m sorry but that is the price of a fabulous cardigan in Penny’s world. It’s no longer an Irish or UK secret as you can now find stores in Milan, Amsterdam, Madrid and Boston. I may have left a store out and by the time I post this, another store maybe announced, as the excitement for “Penny’s best” is growing daily.

I was so excited to see what the New Year would hold for all us retail lovers. Lets face it January sucks. We have all come down from the high of Christmas celebrations. Decorations are taken away and you are left with a bank statement that you would rather not see. Well I guarantee you to wait patiently because Penny’s will soon change the mood with their new S/S collection. It really is their best yet from what I have been shown.

There were five separate collections for ladies each with their own individual look. It is a collection built to attract the girlie girl, punk rockers, and boss ladies. Something for everyone no matter what style or mood you want to show off. What stood out from each the five was their selection of jackets. OMG the jackets from embroidered denim to studded faux leather jacket. Gucci who?? My favorite collection had to be what I nicknamed the “glam rock rail”. This collection was a mix of studded jackets, gingham dress and a killer yellow ruffled dress. What’s not to love? There was three pieces from this rail shared similar popularity with many others in the room. Of course the yellow dress being one but also the leather embroidered jacket. I have recently purchased a pair of white boots and I literally cannot wait until spring to get this pink and white gingham dress. It is going to be everywhere this season ladies and why gingham is reintroduced time after time. Because it’s a 60s classic which in my opinion was the era of fashion but also it looks good on everybody shape.

Gather & Gather catered the event with some yummy pink treats and drinks. Once again another event filled with sweets and cakes that I could not resist. This no sugar month was a bad idea. Who was I kidding I am never going to change. Artic Stone Ice cream was also catering their signature hand rolled ice cream. Yes you read right hand rolled ice cream, its tastes amazing and is so much fun to see it being made. First you pick your flavor. I decided to go with raspberry but there are many options. The berries and cream are poured onto a cooling silver table. Here is the fun part where the Artic Stone ice cream masters begins to rotate, slice and toss the cream as it slowly cools and becomes thicker. After this they spread the ice cream like butter on toast. What I love is that they add a personally touch of writing your name on the thinned out ice cream before rolling it up. Of course you cannot see your name but it’s the personal touch that counts. Then the most important is the toppings from mash mellows, nuts, chocolate anything you like they have it all. It’s delicious but also very light and really added a fun experience to the day. Who knew lining up for ice cream could be so entertaining, I would highly recommend it for any party or event. Hope you love all my favorite picks from this years preview. I have no doubt this spring will be a very fashionable one.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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