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Perfect Mistake

October 15, 2015

There really is nothing worse then finding something you love, wear it to death and then completely ruin it. Thankfully I work in a business that wardrobe malfunctions are an everyday occurrence and I am surrounded by the best of the best for costume and design. At the start of the year, I bought this beautiful romper from urban outfitters but unfortunately the material didn’t last too long and it gradually began to shrink. Rompers are a hard one to get right, especially for girls like myself that are tall. In nicer terms, no one can turn a romper into a top especially when your 5ft 10 and over short shorts these are normally never cute. When I love something, I really cannot let it go, so I went to Tuviya the, the most amazing dressmaker, who has worked on everything from period shows such as Board Walk Empire and now Vinyl. I wish I had Tuviya’s talent as anything she puts her hands to is a piece of art. Although this is a casual garment, Tuviya also makes wedding gowns, so if you are living in the New York area and want someone to make your day that extra bit special, Tuviya is your “go to girl”. You can pick up fabric anywhere around the garment district. It all depends on what you are looking for truthfully. It is not usually the case when we get a piece made and wish it was the exact same as your inspired piece. Tuviya made this jumper to my exact measurements and added more length, making my new romper a new favorite in my wardrobe.

IMG_8376new mary 12

My favorite thing about Fall/Autumn fashion is that we can layer up. I love my oversized scarfs but I feel a selection of sexy tights are a must besides keeping you warm they really can change the overall look of an outfit. Usually I stock up at Pennys back home in Ireland and although Penny’s have recently opened in Boston, I unfortunately have been too busy to make the trip. If you can make the trip, they really are the best for pretty much everything but if you are like me and stuck in the city, Asos is a perfect alternative. My tights, which in this case I recently bought from urban outfitters for 14dollars, I really love them. For my bag, I bought this on sale from an amazing accessories designer Mary Francis. You have to check out her bag collection, it is so diverse, with some novelty bags that may not be for everyone but I would be surprised if you didn’t find at least two that you absolutely loved. If you love my romper or in need want to replicate a garment that is unusual just email Tuviya (Tmetop@gmail.com), she really is the best at what she does. Photography by Kun An www.kunanphoto.com or instagram @maxkunan.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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