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Primark A/W2017

September 12, 2017


One benefit of being a stylist is that we sometimes are lucky and get a sneak peak of collections that are yet to be released. It makes up for the times we are left carrying painfully heavy bags (with pointed heels piercing your leg) not fun. Another plus side is free gym membership because this job is a grueling workout when it chooses to be. Recently I received the look book for Primark (Penny’s) A/W17 collection and of course, I had to show my readers. After Suki Waterhouse rocked a mode vinyl coat a few years back the trend has finally re-entered designers minds and I am so happy about it. Yes, I have been looking continuously for a vintage one and now can purchase one in Primark, happy days. Sheer has also been very popular this summer and I am delighted to see it continued into winter. I particularly love how Primark have styled one particular look. A soft pink ruffled dress is placed over a structured floral dress, GENIUS. For me personally, I feel this is a very strong look but also shows how versatile this collection can be.

A pink beret which is a very cute accessory and can be easily carried into your Spring wardrobe. Primark has stepped their game up, paying close attention to accessories this season. It’s a very important element to a winter wardrobe I feel. I personally love their red faux crocodile leather bag, when you examine it closely you will find that the gold embellishment is of a lions head. You will also find a family of glitter bags. You can find them in Silver, pink or rich royal blue and if glitter wasn’t enough Primark have added an elongated tassel. How YSL of them. I am sure you will have your own favorites just remember that some of these pieces may only be found in bigger retailers such as Dublin and London. But also as always be prepared for some broken hearts because Primark is renowned for selling out fast. And of course,…

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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