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River Island Christmas Preview

September 12, 2016

Hi ladies, I know it’s been so long since my last post, but all for the best of reasons. The last two weeks have been hectic with friends visiting from New York and styling shoots for Sunday World and ‘Miss Ireland Rocks’. I’ve counted it all up and in the space of two weeks I have styled 200 outfits. Yes, it doesn’t seem real, but if you love it you don’t even realize it I guess.

What’s more, in the middle of all this craziness I got invited to River Island Christmas preview. Ladies, save right now because trust me, YOU’LL WANT IT ALL! This year River Island has created a Christmas collection that is very diverse and explores many different fashion eras from the 90s clueless skirts, 80s sequent dresses and paisley patterned suits with the addition of 70s jumpsuits. The 70s and 80s are two of my favorite eras for fashion as they were bursting with color and intricate patterns.

More recently, winter collections have consisted of continuous versions of blacks, burgundy and green and thankfully that has changed this season. River Island has embraced these elements and has infused these iconic decades of design into one that is colorful, bold and fun. I think its safe to say that River Island will be a Christmas favorite this season for many. So gentlemen you may know were to start looking for your significant other. It will be very hard to get it wrong.


My favorite had to be these amazing knee high gold boots. They will be limited addition online and seen in selected stores. A price has not been given as of yet, but buyers estimate they could price between 110-160 euro. So they’re the first item to be added to my Christmas wish list.


My second favorite was a knitted colored blocked dress. These dresses are not normally a fit I would warm to easily simply because I love to have my arms covered. I think most of us ladies do. However, this dress ticked all the remaining boxes for me personally as it was fun and colorful. Therefore, to solve my problem, just throw on a long mac coat or leather jacket and problem solved.


My third was a velvet bag that would be perfectly matched with the gold boots and a black velvet dress. Most of the bags this season are very similar to Gucci embroidered bags. Luckily for us, River Island has taken note of this trend and made it an accessible piece for every wardrobe. What ever you decided to buy it you are guaranteed to wear it over and over the Christmas holidays. Oh and yes sorry for mentioning Christmas but fashions always one step ahead and so should we.


Stay Lawless,


Niamh X

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