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Romwe Summer Collection

July 7, 2016


This summer there have been many family events from weddings to christenings so for me it was time to purchase something that was formal but could also be worn daily or casually and I found it. I decided to treat myself to a new summer dress, I really didn’t need an excuse as you can guess from my last few posts I just love summer dresses. Now I don’t think this particular one should be worn with boots but as you can see all you really need is a nude sandal and you are off. Easy. I purchased this laced beauty from Romwe. Online shopping is sometimes I feel the only way you can find what you really want. I believe it is important to know what fashion site you love and can rely on to find what you need and fast. For me Romwe has always been a first choice and to date has not let me down. Just pick your time wisely when searching online as Romwe as you can get distracted very easily and its best that you don’t do it around working hours !! My sunglasses are the only accessory needed to pull this look together. How you accessorize outfits reveals a great deal of your personality and style. Everyone is different, for me I love to make a statement and find something unique. When shopping for sunglasses I usually buy vintage however for this summer season I changed that rule for one particular brand ‘My Annies’. Founded by Annie McBride she has created a collection of sunglasses that are refined, classic and stylish with a few jazzy pieces in the mix. With a price point starting at 20 euro what more convincing do you need? Visit instagram @myannies to find more amazing styles.

I have also picked out some other pieces from the Romwe summer collection that I hope you will all love. But everyone’s taste and style is different so check this out for yourself and visit www.romwe.com.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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